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June 25 (Bloomberg) -- Zevia CEO Paddy Spence discusses the stevia-sweetened soda and soft drinks industry. He speaks with Betty Liu on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

For a better soda for a long time.

We are watching a shift in soda categories before our eyes.

96% of americans still buy soda but we have seen a 20 year decline in the category driven by moderating consumption by consumers.

Now, diet sodas are losing market.

Consumers of diet soda are not comfortable with the artificial sweeteners in those products.

Stevia is a plant-based sweetener from a leaf.

Our product has zero calories with no artificial sweetener, consumers can feel good about this.

Coke and pepsi have tried cvs and consumers complained about the aftertaste.

There's a reason inclusion of stevia -- there is a recent inclusion of stevia and full calorie vitamin water.

Violin water zero, soviet life waterfront pepsi, and trop50 orange juice.

Recently, vitamin water swapped out stevia for crystalline fructose.

Consumers said if i am drinking a full calorie product i do not want a replacement.

A significant number of consumers are looking for no calories, stevia meets that need.

40% of u.s. households have a stevia product in their pantry.

I tried zevia, it has a little bit of an aftertaste.

The holy grail for any company is zero calories and zero aftertaste.

Yours say that might not benefit coca-cola and pepsi.

They might not want the holy grail?

When you have a profitable and huge portfolio of iconic brands it is risky to innovate.

Particularly if you have what consumers perceive as a better for you product.

If you created diet coke with stevia, what is that saying about the legacy product?

There is a hesitant approach.

Coke and pepsi -- you think they hold themselves back.

Lex i do, the innovation has been they have tried to position it as incremental by offering mid-calorie.

The real question for consumer is are you looking for a soda with 80 or 100 or 60 calories, i'm not sure we will see a lot of people who are begging for that.

You are coming off of a small bays but you are growing.

Who is buying your soda?

Versus those buying diet coke and pepsi?

The next generation of consumers are flocking to a product like this.

Millenials and young families who have kids, they are saying i do not want my kids to drink diet soda or full calorie soda.

Hispanic families, folks who are drinking for an easy switch to feel better about health and wellness.

Where are you expanding with zevia?

What is exciting is there are so many different faces for our brand to go.

We are halfway up the mountain but so many new frontiers.

This year we became the zero calorie soda sponsor of the oakland a's, the first better for you soda and major league baseball.

My job is not done until the 30,000 mcdonald's around the world have zevia.

They have coca-cola.

We love challenges.

At the end of the day, the consumer's voices being heard and they want a better for you

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