Why Was Steve Jobs a Great Tech Leader?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) -- Yahoo Chairman Maynard Webb discusses tech leadership and the toughest jobs in Silicon Valley on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Boss is now harder than ever.

Why now?

The role is much tougher today because it used to be that you could be the hero and everybody bowed down to the ceo, and that job was never easy, but today you actually have to inspire and enlighten your whole team.

Everybody wants to be an entrepreneur.

They would rather start their own company then join your company.

It is harder today than it has ever been.

Who has got the hardest job?

I am not allowed to talk about yahoo!. i am sure that would fit in there.

But i would say john chan at blackberry has a huge challenge in front of him.

On that note, i just spoke with john chen.

It is interesting.

I asked him what he thought his chances were of turning the company around, and he said he felt 80/20 that he could add value.

He also said this.

Take a listen.

I am comfortable with generating more value.

Whether it is going to be good enough to be iconic again, that is something i need to chew on.

I do not know the answer to the question.

He offered that up.

He does not know if blackberry is going to be iconic again.

The biggest challenges you take on -- if they were easy, everybody could do them.

I am a huge john chen fan.

He had a big turnaround that everybody wrote off, and turned it into gold.

I would be betting on him in a big way.

But it is hard.

He also has a good sense of humor through this.

I wonder how important that is.

I think it is important to laugh and not take yourself too seriously, but these are hard jobs.

You live them.

There is no reason for him to be doing this except he wants to make a difference and an impact.

I always am excited to cheer people on that are taking on tough challenges.

Look at mag, hp.

In the hall of fame from ebay.

No reason in the world for her to work anymore on anything.

She could do anything she wants to do, and she takes on one of the toughest tech challenges in the planet.

Do you think she ever wishes she did not?

I do not want to speak for made.

I think there are moments we would always say, what did i do?

But i think she spends her time being inspired by what she is trying to accomplish.

Trying to turn around legacy companies, huge companies.

At the same time, jack dorsey, running square, has been getting negative publicity lately.

Just another profile about square in fast company today.

Jack dorsey also got skewered by nick bilton in his book about twitter.

How do you handle the bad press?

You know, when the press is pounding on you, how do you deal with that?

First of all, i have hearing aids for a reason.

I can turn them down or up.

You should never get too excited about press when you get good press, and you should never let bad press derail you from where you are going.

Often, people have a different version of success and what time frame.

You have to be anchored on coming in every day, on the long game, winning against all odds.

It is better if the world is running with you and giving you tons of kudos.

Oftentimes, when that happens, you are getting more kudos than you deserve.

And you often get way too much bad press when you are still working hard and you have hope.

You cannot let all of that derail you.

Steve jobs often gets a lot of credit for turning around apple, inspiring the troops again.

How often does that happen, if ever?

Look what john did at ebay.

There is a couple of great folks that i think have done really good jobs to inspire their teams.

Look at linkedin right now.

They certainly had some troubles in the early years, and they are rock stars now.

Look at what brad smith at intuit is doing.

All these folks are doing a massively great job of not just leading, but inspiring their teams in a new and different way.

Maynard webb, chairman of yahoo!. i love this segment.

Great to have you.

I do want to get a preview of what is coming up at the top of the hour on "online." -- on "bottom line." about the death of robin williams -- this is one of those things -- it is hard for people to wrap their heads around, because he was so much a part of folks' lives in the movies, comedy, what have you.

Initial reports said his death

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