Steve Ballmer: I Want Clippers to Be Hard-Core

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Former Microsoft Steve Ballmer discusses his purchase of the NBA Los Angeles Clippers basketball team on “Bloomberg Surveillance.” (Source: Bloomberg)

He has a loud personality.

He is the new owner of the l.a. clippers.

He made his debut yesterday.

He sat down with trish regan.

He is setting the bar pretty high for his new $2 billion investment.

I want the clippers the best the clippers can be.

The best team, the best players, the best character, the best coaching staff, the best business.

I want all of that for the clippers.

That just means we're going to have to be hard-core about working to be better, tenacious, more and more excellent in everything we do.

Steve ballmer promising to be hard-core, you know he is going to be a hands-on manager.

He is going to be paying some guy for million bucks -- $4 million a year and they will spring their ankle, will he start screaming?

That is what he does, he screams.

In this case, usually i think what is challenging in professional sports, the manager does not make as much money as the stars.

Now you have an owner who can bear down on the players, too.

Steve ballmer spoke about microsoft undersell siena dela.

-- statya nadella.

Satya is off to a fantastic start.

It is a long-term gain.

Businesses get built not in months, but in years.

For six months, i love soughta tya's work.

The truth is, it will take years before we know how well he is doing.

Years to find out how well satya nadella is doing.

Microsoft, cisco, hewlett-packard, enterprise first tech companies are dealing with amazon, apple, and google.

He is rooting for satya, still the fourth largest shareholder at microsoft, he owns 4%> nadella has been yelling and shouting.

Courageous show, there it is.

-- can we jsutust show, there is is.

This is why we call him the screamer.

[shouting] he's a salesman.

Does this happen at bank of america-merrill lynch?

Maybe one day, we hope.

I am looking at this guy going for does he think he is?

Having attended the walmart annual meeting where tom cruise made an appearance, hugh jackman made an appearance, they get fired up.

There's only one steve ballmer, he is the owner of the l.a. clippers.

Coming up right here on bloomberg "surveillance," adam parker onset.

Chief u.s. equity strategist at morgan stanley.

Guest host on bloomberg television and radio.

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