Steve Ballmer: How to Build a Tech Business

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March 5 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television’s “Lunch Money” Host Matt Miller looks at former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer’s talk at Oxford. (Source: Bloomberg)

Just one month after stepping down as the ceo of microsoft, steve ballmer shares his thoughts on building a tech business.

This comes to us as part of a special series, bloomberg presents the oxford series debates.

A few principles i would highlight for this audience in terms of business success, the first one is probably not one that gets talked about as much as it should, that ideas do matter.

You really do need a powerful idea to have a business that is going to succeed.

Whether it is a very small scale or large scale, you need an idea that is significant.

In the world today it is easy to read about start up this, startup that, start of the other thing.

Basically you can start businesses now without an idea.

That is interesting.

I would say that the quality of most of the ideas i hear about anyway are not that powerful.

People spend too little time trying to get the right idea.

Getting the right idea is really hard.

You have to work at it.

You might have to fail at it or modify it.

You might have to give it up and try another idea.

But you have got to decide how to think about the idea.

Anyone here seen this older movie, called "thelma and louise?

It is a story between susan sarandon and geena davis.

These women seemed normal at the start of the movie and by the end they are driving their car off a cliff.

I won't fill in the details, but it was brad pitt's first movie for those of you who care.

You can say that they really ran fast and that.

In the movie they were running fast, but i'm not sure i would like to follow them off the cliff.

Known for his animated delivery, he did not disappoint, even after a powerpoint fail.

I am upset?

I will say -- i am nervous.

A big speech for me.

One of the biggest of my life, in fact.


I was supposed to ask.

I did not think that this powerpoint thing was going to work very well.

I hope that younger eyes are

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