How Involved Will Ballmer Be in Running Clippers?

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Aug. 12 (Bloomberg) –- Former NBA Front Office Executive Andy Dolich and Co-Director of NYU’s Sports and Society Program Lee Igel discuss the legal hurdles in the sale of the Los Angeles Clippers and how involved Steve Ballmer will be in basketball operations. They speak on "Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Eagle, professor of sports management at nyu.

What is amazing is the legal hurdles they had to get through here.

We should point out donald sterling has said before he would continue the process as long as he possibly could.

My hunch is even though the -- this is a pretty done deal, we may not have heard the last from sterling.

That is true.

There is always something to kick up but i think the deal is pretty much good to go.

The headlines will be in the storylines.

Maybe something from donald sterling and we will watch it slip away.

Steve ballmer is the owner and on the go.

On they go.

And your experience, how important is the owner of the team to the overall team more row and eventual success?

To me, the owner plays a significant role.

Clearly the guys on the court are most important and the team behind them, coaches and staff of basketball operations.

The owner extremely important as long as the owner realizes the next key area was also critical to the success.

I will be looking to see what steve ballmer does in terms of changing the center of the business group he has and with those three areas working in concert, those are the teams that win.

If you are missing one leg of the chair then you are falling down and it is ugly.

He did have interesting things to say on how he would be pursuing the management of the team.

He said i am not a basketball expert.

He said i will be there to be supportive.

In this case, what can support the lease?

I am chuckling because i think anyone who knows anything about sports and sports business has george steinbrenner ringing in their ears who said the same thing and then reversed course completely.

You think he will be involved ? i think steve ballmer will keep it interesting.

One thing he was talking about is the owner of the franchise is the owner really sets the culture one way or another.

If the owner is visible and present, that makes a difference . that also makes a difference.

It is the classic line of culture eats strategy for breakfast.

The other oink is here you have a positive relationship between the team and the league, which clearly was not in place over the past few months.

That is huge in terms of working together, because steve and his experience will be beneficial to the league and the global growth strategy.

If i were advising him, it is underpromise, overdeliver.

Now it's time to take a deep breath.

Assess where you're at.

We have a quality group running it but you have to figure out on the management side in a hellacious way a minute -- competitive marketplace.

Lexi really emphasized on the phone with me how enthusiastic

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