Ballmer Gives Microsoft CEO Benefit of the Doubt

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Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Tom Giles reports on investor confidence in Microsft CEO Satya Nadella and the company’s cloud computing initiatives. Giles speaks on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)


We will show the entire interview on "street smart." trish regan is flying back from l.a. right now.

Socgen nadella has come in with a very different management style and different outlook on things.

Very understated.

You don't have the bombastic running around just a condition that you had under ballmer.

He is a very different executive and yes to a different agenda -- he has to have a different agenda.

One of the ideas is mobile first, not just selling phones for the sake of selling phones, like you had it -- like you had at nokia.

It is the things that microsoft knows had to do well, which is change the way you do business.

A few months ago i along with millions of other teenagers decided not to buy final at aeropostale and instead bought the new videogame titan fall, which was supposed to showcase microsoft's cloud technology as the first gain the integrated cloud functionality.

45, 6, seven hours that night i was not able to play because nadella's cloud crashed down and was working.

Businesses have that possibly more serious problems when that cloud comes down.

Why does this company have problems with what is supposed to be its number one strength now?

Just overnight, as you alluded to, the cloud platform had a several hour-long outage.

There are companies who depend on this.

Much as it is a bummer for you not to be able to play your video games, it is a bigger deal for these mission-critical -- god for bid, i hospital.

That is something microsoft has to work out.

It is a whole new way of getting software delivered to you and delivering computing services to businesses.

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