Sterling Attorney: NBA Suit Is Not About the Money

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June 10 (Bloomberg) -- Max Blecher, attorney for Donald Sterling, discusses the billionaire's lawsuit against the NBA. He speaks with Trish Regan on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

I am donald's lawyer and not his rabbi, so i don't exactly know everything going on in his mind, but i can give you my perceptions first of all, walking away from the deal, it tells you his interest is not about the money.

His interest is that he is a clipper and the clippers are an integral part.

He's reluctant to give that up even for $2 billion.

But he -- he thinks he has been wronged by the commissioner and his co-owners will stop those are the things that have been running around in his head.

Why does he think he has been wronged?

Because he took an illegally recorded tape recording which was a private conversation with his girlfriend in her living room and they made a complete fiasco out of it when they easily could have said this is illegal, we are not going near it.

These are his private lots.

But max, i thought we went through that.

You told me -- and banned him for life -- it's almost like he was a murderer.

Lex we talked about this last week.

You articulated those concerns them.

It seemed as though donald sterling had moved forward and decided that yes -- you did not let me finish.

We have established the issues are not about the money.

If it was about the money, he would have taken the $2 billion and run away.

But it's not about the money.

You have to realize silly -- shelley orchestrated the sale.

Sterling went along with that because he's very solicitous to her and wants to please her.

But that's a four he decided to attack her as mentally incompetent.

He is mentally incompetent to make decisions in her view.

That is not calculated and to adapt her point of view about the sale.

Lex let me familiarize people with the sale -- shelley sterling is going to probate court seeking and emergency order to confirm she followed rules in becoming the trustee of the clippers.

In your opinion, did he not follow these rules?

I don't know what rules she's following, but by attacking him as mentally incompetent so she can make the sale without his consent, not endearing herself and not enlisting her support.

I don't know what changed.

That is one of the things that changed.

The other thing that changed is earlier last week, we saw something posted on the mba website that said -- on the nba website stop i'm paraphrasing -- all of our difficulties or issues with donald sterling have been resolved.

We read that and understood that as part of the sale, they were going to give up on the ban for life will stop we are now told by the commissioner who is dumping his chest over how tough he is that it's not going to be and will never be.

That means we will just have to litigate to see if he zach ing appropriately within his rights, giving the procedural safeguards or whatever.

So is it coming down to the ban for life?

It is symbolic of the fact that they threw him out of the league and completely disrespected the 33 years he has owned and managed the clippers during which they have come from a relatively poor team to a championship contender will stop with only one white player on the team.

Did he think when steve ballmer bought the team that the ban for life would be lifted on him and he could go out and buy another team?

I don't know about buying another team.

I thought i doubt he would have any interest in starting a new career buying another team.

But mr.

Ballmer decided to invite him to his box to watch the game and i think he should be able to go without having the police or security officer arrest him and escort him out of the stadium.

That's completely ridiculous after 33 years as a owner that he is banned for life will stop we understood when they posted on the website that he is out of the league and you don't need to enforce any banishment for life or and force any fine.

They should have been magnanimous in victory and said to mr.

Sterling, these penalties are vacated and you can go about your business.

Lex so would you say the deal is not trying to protect his reputation?


That is what i said it is about all stop if it was about the money, it would be easy.

But is it about the ego?

He's got 33 years invested in this lease.

It is part of his persona and the league doesn't want to recognize anything except the use of this illegal tape recording of a private conversation he had with his girlfriend when she never expected would see the light of day and now they have made him out to be like a murderer.

Why not just sue for the nba to live the ban and demand that?

Why do you have the sale of the team in the middle of it all?

Because if they sell the team, it's because he has been cleared incompetent and because he doesn't want to sign the sale now.

Whatever reasons he is nurturing, and i'm giving you my perception of what happened, the fact they are trying to declare him mentally incompetent and the fact the commissioner did not have the good grace to say ok, everything is off and you can now go about your business has pushed him over the edge.

This has pushed him over the edge?

You don't think he's gone over the edge before?

I think he was prepared a week or so ago to do the deal shelley had orchestrated and he would've signed the papers until all the stuff came about about his mental competency and the lead not being magnanimous.

Now we are going to relinquish these other penalties.

Some would say this has moved to china to try to get attention and he's trying to get everybody kowtowing to him.

There are a lot of people who feel what he did was rerun and egregious and -- i don't share your view that it is egregious.

You should be able in the united states of america to me you should be able to talk to your girlfriend, your wife, your husband or anybody in the privacy of a home without thinking it's being illegally recorded and being used for some alter your purpose i the league that wants to get rid of donald sterling.

I'm getting screams of e-mails to share this point of view.

Regardless of what he said, the circumstances in which it was merged is agreed this.

That he needs to fight for constitutional privacy and he's going to use this team as a chip?

I don't think it's amusing as a chip.

He never wanted to sell.

He thinks he should be running the team.

Until everybody turned on him and kicked him around, that's what he did.

She said he is mentally incompetent and they fisher said he committed some egregious offense and he's not getting out of this punishment.

What's next?

I think we go to court and find out whether they had a right to do this or whether they didn't. lex you've got no problem with steve ballmer?

He has no problem with steve ballmer.

The question is does the league have the right to sell the team out from under him.

That's what this is all about will stop they are going to court to get him declared mentally competent so he doesn't have the right to block sales.

We will see what the probate court says about that.

There's not a question in my mind he's quite mentally competent and any court that examines this on the basis of competent evidence is not going to find he is incompetent will stop we have to leave it there.

Thank you very much.

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