Steinem: Special Joy to See Mary Barra as GM CEO

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April 29 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's “Lunch Money” Host Adam Johnson looks at the performance of Mary Barra as GM CEO. (Source: Bloomberg)

Recall may prompt them to create pushbutton start.

We asked a few people at the new york matrix awards where they honor women in accomplishing various things and communication have she is doing.

They say tell the truth and tell it fast.

I think she is definitely telling the truth and i think she is just keeping up with what she is learning and sharing it with the public.

I think mary barra is in the hot seat and has a tough assignment and she is dealing with those who knew where the defect was bubbly well-known.

It's tough to be in any position like that.

All of us have to continue with what we need to do individually.

How would you like to inherit what she had to inherit?

That's a lot of men at the steering wheel who did a lot of damage for many years.

The woman brought in a lot and we wish her all the best.

When you step in and the middle of a firestorm and are expected to put the fire out, you get blamed for everything that comes before you.

I think she is handling it great.

It's so ironic.

They say only men buy cars.

I have special joy in seeing her as president of general motors.

It shows other companies that we have one of the largest car companies and a woman at the head.

To me it's about role models and i think she is going to be a huge role model for this

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