Startups Leading the Way in Combating Cyber Attacks

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July 4 (Bloomberg) -- Yoav Tzruya of Jerusalem Venture Partners talks with Elliott Gotkine about the business opportunities for tech startups in combating cyber attacks. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "The Pulse."

We focus on the defensive part relevantly offense of part.

Cyber attacks were designated as one of the top five global -- they cause half $1 trillion worth of annual damages.

We believe this causes a great opportunity for startups and companies to innovate.

Which areas are you looking at in terms of investments?

I will give you a couple of examples.

Antivirus us who are sort of the figure for cybersecurity four years saw as little as 50% of actual cyber attacks.

They are reactive in nature.

They are based on signatures rather than any other means to stop such viruses.

It is like trying to fight a flute from year-to-year with a specific vaccine against a specific virus -- trying to fight a flu.

Imagine if you could unit -- the develop a generic virus.

What's other innovations are coming out of israel right now?

A great company we have recently invested in.

It is focused on protecting the critical infrastructure.

These are subject to millions of attacks per day.

We are trying to innovate in that space as well.

Thanks for joining us today.

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