Startup Technology ‘Borrowed’ by Apple: Singh

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June 3 (Bloomberg) -- Hussein Kanji, Partner at Hoxton Ventures, discusses Apple’s release of IOS 8 and features that may have been ‘lifted’ from other technology companies. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

After this event.

Unimpressed-does the phrase i -- is the phrase i would use to describe it.

It was back to basics.

Features that are widely of gullible and incorporate them into ios.

Not so great for the startup community.

And these are the basics.

The snapchat, destructive messages.

Message indications, location about where your friends are.

These are all ideas pioneered an apple is taking and putting it to the platform.

How big is it for apple?

To allow the platform to open up a little bit more.

They have a new coating story they haven't got allowing access to features on iphone for example.

-- they have a new coding story that they have that allows access to features on iphone for example.

It is a big step for apple internally which they are reluctant to open up its platform to developers.

If you are used to sell by andrus, none of this stuff was all that interesting.

A keyboard has been around for enjoyed since the date one.

The apple has a cloud platform.

Web services and this is been around in the industry not for one year or two years -- but like four years.

What does it tell us about what happens next.

The biggest thing we were looking for is hardware devices coming out.

There were no hardware devices.

Your take, apple wants to see itself as a hardware company.

That is true.

It was around software.

Should a court interest is platform.

If it is bartering ideas, there is a popular service.

We do not do it from the client.

You sent it.

If you are a developer, how much we trust apple to not still your ideas -- steal your ideas?

What about the home kit.

It kind of feels, what they are trying to do is aggregate and become the center of these new systems that will become -- quick i would disagree.

It mixes have one app for all of your help.

In the early days, not to build a platform.

There are not that many compelling things out there.

It will be nice to see them go to a platform a rounded when it is done versus letting the community.

Do you think people will want to play with apple?

The fact they have been sucked into our goal.

If you are a company that have ideas, do you want to get involved at this stage.

Where the early adopters are.

So despite what you said, they still have got it.

How many people do you know to have iphones.

Pretty much everyone.

Those are the early adopters.

Once the founder had a string of tweets.

Quite upset.

Some of the ideas being borrowed . it is lifted basically from these products.


Some would say.

Nice to see you.

He will stay with us.

Because we have chief executive of apple key supplier, arm holdings.

Describing his company changing needs of the smartphone industry.

Of the way we play into this whole space is trying to develop a key component that our licensees can build these chips.

We focus on low-power and being able to integrate lots of functionality into these devices so they can be produced for low-cost and with greater energy efficiency.

With the see them employed many devices and form factors.

What exciting the most coming

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