Startup Takes Big Data Swing at Golf Tech

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June 16 (Bloomberg) -- Arccos Golf Co-Founder and CEO Sal Syed and COO Ammad Faisal discuss the company’s golf technology on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.” (Corrects name.) (Source: Bloomberg)

Idea -- we were at the right place and the right time for licensing and turning a lap project into a product.

The how long did it take to go from an idea to an actual product?

Them about a year and a half.

And you're just ready to unveil it.

You're not going to sell it to stores yet.

How are you selling it?

You can go to our website.

Just like google have the glass explorer program, we have a similar program.

Them a i -- i don't golf.

To actually learn how to golf is on my bucket list.

You tell me how i can be helped by this.

, i will start by saying every golfer wants to things.

They want have more fun in the second thing is they want to get better.

We provide both those experiences.

The sensor screw onto every golf club that is out there in the market.

Any golf club can get these sensors.

There is a one-time pairing process.

You parent with your phone?


Then all you have to do is start the app and play.

We automatically detect every shot you hit.

We give you all kinds of data.

Here's a round played at yale last week.

By reporting where we hit every shot, it seems that we can provide all the date of the proposed that the pros have.

I get my club businesses.

Literally every imaginable data.

Them is there something you can demonstrate for us?

We will need to hit a shot.

That is the most important elements.

Explain what we are seeing on the screen.

We automatically detect every shot.

Right now this is the club averages.

I hit my 3-wood longer than my driver by three yards.

If you notice my driver distance is 235 average and my 3-wood is 239. that is a piece of data i never had before.

I am saving a couple of strokes per round with that little piece of data.

Golfers will now have the opportunity to know their strengths and weaknesses.

Previously it was all anecdotal.

Now it is backed by real data.

How are you raising the money for this?

We have our primary funders.

Itthey are a new haven-based firm.

We do have a group of family and friends that have invested in us all along.

It is a great group of people that are golfers and hard-core technicians.

We keep it fun.

Them i wear are you going to make the most money?

I think in terms of our company we are very product focused.

We have an extreme a talented group of people.

We have a couple of guys in the aerospace military complex.

Who is going to buy this?

A year-and-a-half ago it was the world's fastest improving golf.

The easiest parallel to draw as i am an avid runner and biker.

I can't even imagine.

I need my fuel band.

Now i have all my golf stats.

Thank you for joining us.

Coming up, bloomberg news take some -- we will show you the race to remember.

That is up next.

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