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Sept. 16 (Bloomberg) -- In today's "This Matters Now," Doug Lebda, founder and CEO at, talks with Tom Keene about the mortgage market and why it is becoming easier for lenders to secure a mortgage. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

L to douglasebda.

He invented fun getting a mortgage.

We talked to him about the housing market right now.

Can i get a mortgage right now?

I get more mail on this and anything else.

It is a bunch of baloney.

Can i get a mortgage?

You actually can.

It is getting easier.

Over the last year or so banks are starting to land back to fannie and freddie guidelines again where they were much more constricted because of a lot of government regulations.

Fannie and freddie really tightening down and you are starting to see private securitizations happening again.

You're starting to see jumbo loans coming back.

You see jumbo loans, is that $400,000? in new york, washington, london, all the big cities, san francisco.

As all faded away?

It is mostly faded away but it is coming from investors.

In a lot of instances you are competing against people who are bundling up homes from hedge funds and the like who are basically buying homes 100 at a time.

They are mostly the all-cash buyers.

What should i learn from the previous week?

What we are seeing is definitely it is market specific.

You will see some markets where people are multiple buyers and you are seeing other markets where it is still a pretty dead housing market.

The good news is we're definitely seeing guidelines loosening up and it is getting easier.

You're going to see lenders getting more competitive.

The last few weeks, we work with over 300 banks around the country.

That is in interesting question are you a friend ami, enemy?

-- afrenemy?

We can help them get new customers, but at the same time we put them in head-to-head competition.

How many basis points to take off a 30 year fixed mortgage?

We take a fee for every consumer.


Double digit or single digit housing economy forward?

I think it is market specific.

Probably double-digit because we are coming off such a bottom that we still have two balance out before we go normal.

This week, with federal reserve exposure.

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