Starbucks Enthusiast's Quest to Visit Every Store

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July 25 (Bloomberg) -- Starbucks Enthusiast Winter reveals to Pimm Fox what made him set out on this journey on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Why did you decide to go on this journey?

It's a pleasure being here with you.

In 1997, it was just an idea to see if it was even possible for one person to visit every single starbucks.

In the last 16 years it is become a great opportunity for adventure, travel, for meeting people and having experiences.

It is extremely challenging to try to keep up with growth, which continues to expand across the globe in leaps and bounds.

What are some of the more exotic places in which you have visited a starbucks?

I would say beirut in lebanon.

I can't really say i would ever have gone there had it not been for starbucks.

I'm really glad for the motivation to travel to places that are off the beaten path.

What about the consistency of the starbucks product from store to store?

They do use centralized roasting plants across the globe.

If you like plain old coffee, it will taste pretty much the same no matter where you go.

But they do have righty in their menu.

-- variety in their menu.

You can go to other countries and find products they do not have in america.

Do you have a favorite when it comes to the starbucks you would prefer to visit.

There is a pretty spectacular one.

I want to say it is in japan, fu kuoka.

It might take me quite a bit of time to get there.

What would you say to howard schultz, what you would like to see in the stores?

I would congratulate him on his spectacular growth and commitment to service but asked that they pay closer attention to their environmental responsibilities.

As a person who is in starbucks, i do see quite a large amount of waste that is not consistent with the green philosophy that they espouse.

How have people been able to follow you on your journey?

That you get a lot of followers as a result of your visits to all these starbucks -- have you gained a lot of followers as a result of your visits to all these starbucks?


You can google, winter starbucks.

You will find everything you want to know about me.

What about in the united states, is there a particular starbucks you favor?

You have had more than 6000 cups of starbucks coffee.

Where would you like to be seen drinking your next cup of java?

Getting back to the environmental theme, starbucks has started opening stores built out of old shipping containers.

I have seen one of those stores in tukwila, washington and a suburb of denver, colorado.

They just open another one in salt lake city and they are about to open one in overland park, kansas.

I would like to see those.

Had he been contacted by anybody from the starbucks company itself?

About 10 years ago they sent me a copy of howard schultz's book, and some mugs.

I appreciated that greatly.

More or less it has been a hands-off project.

I do my thing, they do their thing.

We are both successful at it.

You put together a set of rules that guide your starbucking.

The number one rule is i have to drink a caffeinated coffee beverage.

It cannot be tea or chocolate.

It has to be caffeinated, at least a sample.

It has to be from a store that is already open.

And it has to be a real store , not a franchise or licensed store or run by another company.

It has to be run by starbucks or one of their joint venture partners and one of the challenges of starbucking is figuring out whether a store is real or not.

Sometimes you can't tell just by looking at it.

Do you have a favorite starbucks beverage?

I'm a drip coffee man.

Regular coffee, no cream.

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