Starbucks Serves Up Fast-Food Breakfast War

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March 4 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News’ Julie Hyman examines the new sandwiches offered by Starbucks as it enters the fast food breakfast wars on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Kind to bring in.

A sneak preview of what they have.

We are staring at these.

I got a sneak preview last week and i went downstairs to our starbucks and bought them today.

There is a new egg and cheese sandwich with vegetables on it.

Terkel -- turkey bacon and egg white and an egg and cheddar on toast.

Starbucks told me they look for feedback from their customers.

They wanted to see a cut -- a sandwich with more vegetables and they wanted the turkey bacon want to have fewer calories so the reformulated the bread to have fewer calories.

This is a market that is in high demand right now.

They're doing it without a kitchen.


They do this in a lot of various fast food places where you get breakfast.

The boards where you order, it is all still beverages when -- but they are relying on people coming past the case that has all the patriots -- all the pastries.

It is interesting.

We are talking about how you have got the food companies going into coffee and the coffee companies going into food.

Starbucks wants to play in this space because others are encroaching on them?

It is a matter of growth and getting that order up here and i talked to peter, who covers the food companies.

He said breakfast tends to be sticky.

If you decide you like preference in a particular place, you might go there every day.

If you like the sandwich, you're quite loyal.

If you like lunch, there is more variety.

Starbucks owns breakfast in a lot of ways.

It owns the morning daypart.

The idea is, why not add to the ticket and have you buying something additionally?

Certainly, an incremental add-on for anyone going there.


They are still making their biggest margins on the coffee.

There are still high margins on the coffee.

Starbucks is not alone.

We had taco bell saying it would introduce a lawful taco.

We do not exactly know how much it will be at.

It was $.89 we tested the markets.

It will likely not be quite that low.

It is on the upper end in terms of calories.

Muhammad switched -- the ham and swiss sandwich is $4.95. that is competitive with neighboring muffin.

They're trying to compete on price and what exactly they offer on healthy offerings.

It would be interesting to see what people decide they like.

Prefaces most important meal of the day.

Thank you.

Our senior markets correspondent.

Let's move to lunch.

Chicken wings.

Mcdonald's has about 10 million pounds of wings to offload on you.

The company's mighty wings line has been a thorn in the side of the company since its inception.

They have run the gamut from too expensive to too spicy to why all the bones.

Even with the excess inventory,

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