Starbucks Brews Success With New Menu Items

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Jan. 24 (Bloomberg) -- Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee-shop chain, advanced the most in almost six months after posting earnings that topped analysts’ projections as pumpkin-spice lattes and other seasonal drinks helped boost U.S. sales. (Source: Bloomberg)


When you look at five percent, that is great growth.

Mcdonald's would kill for that in the u.s.. but you have to look at value versus growth.

That is the slowest growth we have seen since the first quarter of 2010. starbucks has kept up this great growth since the financial crisis since the depths of the recession.

Investors have been seized by the performance.

You saw the five percent growth in sales, which was below estimates, but the shares were up.

It looks like people were also focused on earnings that came in better than estimates.

And this ironclad confidence that starbucks can execute.

Talking about execution, how fast can these guys turn out the goods?

When they wind up having more items like we are going to heat up your egg in the microwave for you, that is going to slow down the line.

Mcdonald's has that problem also.

Star beck says it is absolutely not a problem.

-- starbucks says this is absolutely not a problem.

How fast people get through the store is absolutely not a problem.

He basically wants to stop talking about it.

I talked to an analyst who said that starbucks really tests this whole process.

It has warehouses in washington where you have people literally standing in this spot and then a person at the counter standing in the spot.

How do you shave off seconds from the whole process?

To your point, new products have to be heated up.

They acquired a bakery in san francisco a couple of years ago and are rolling out the products nationwide.

Consumers are saying, and some of the store managers are saying that this is slowing down things a little bit.

Starbucks says no, that is just perception.

If people are standing to the side waiting for pastry products and people are sinning to the side, waiting for pastry products.

The store looks more crowded.

Maybe it feels more crowded.

Starbucks is the actual speed you are going through the line has not changed, and they are constantly trying to improve that.

Interesting it continues to

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