Starbucks Asks Customers to Leave Guns at Home

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Sept. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Starbucks is asking gun owners to leave their weapons at home or in their cars, reversing its stance after being caught in the political debate over gun rights in the U.S. MGP & Associates PR President and Senior Counselor Mike paul speaks with Betty Liu on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

You work with him for a year.

You are known as a reputation doctor.

I want you to use your skills on what to do with the reputations of these committees.

Starbucks, first of all -- the right move by the company, or a little too late?

First of all, i love starbucks coffee.

Who doesn't? but if i were in a meeting and they were my claim, i would say you can't have it both ways.

You can send a memo to employees and say, look, it will be difficult to deal with but sides of this -- both sides of this, and you know in your gut is to make sure -- the right thing to do is make sure not one gun goes into a starbucks, and if these were your children in a stroller coming in with their mom to have coffee, would you want the possibility -- of someone with a firearm?

It is to make sure that your customers, especially those that are the youngest and the most vulnerable, never have to deal with the question.

To be fair, there are customers -- this is the argument of the gun owners, that we are law-abiding citizens and we own our guns illegally and if the state allows us to carry firearms we should be able to walk into a starbucks and buy a cup of coffee and not be banned from the astonishment.

-- from the assumption.

-- from the establishment.

That is a great position, and the bottom line is it is wrong.

You should not be able to come into an establishment where there are women and children and kids when you have a gun on.

Leave it in your car, leave it on your rack.

What is the amount of time you are coming in to a starbucks?

Either at a drive-through, or you are coming in for a few minutes.

Do you want someone working on the laptop, small business owner, to be sitting with of their gun with them -- it raises the whole the day -- it is about the smoking bans, all the other bans we've had.

It starbucks do the right thing or did they miss the mark?

They missed the market trying to make both sides happy makes no one happy.

Choose, do the right thing, stand by it, stand up for it.

Another company that has gone through some crises is the jpmorgan.

At any moment we may be getting an announcement from jpmorgan that they will pay this fine, almost $1 billion, for what happened with the london trading fiasco.

You have consulted for banks, including goldman sachs.

How has jamie dimon handle this?

He has a reputation for being an excellent leader.

One of the reasons yet that reputation is his understanding of reputation -- not just a branding, but reputation, and ethical and moral decision- making could he has been schooled by his pr staff, and i know some of them as well.

From a transparency perspective -- well, i think this is a step in the right direction.

There are many banks, quite friendly, would say "we are not going to say anything." you see that a lot, by the way.

I do see that a lot.

That is not unusual, particularly on wall street.

But what jamie understands as a younger leader -- he is getting older -- he was a mentee to some of the great leaders in the profession -- but what he understands is that reputation matters.

You will see more transparency with this issue in the future and i think it will position him well not only with his investors, but with those who work for him around the world.

I couldn't resist -- like i mentioned, you have been in politics, you worked with giuliani.

And senator d'amato -- and others but you have to to weigh in on anthony weiner and his reputation, and eliot spitzer as well.

Anthony weiner first -- will this guy ever have a career in public office, or is he done?

Like i tell my political clients, you don't jump into the game of politics and not dig yourself a little bit, and when it is time to our out, you are still saying, no, i still have another shot.

They don't see their brand, their reputation without being associated with politics.

It is one thing for anthony weiner to say "i am happy being a stay at home dad right now." we know he is not.

There are some people out there who want to be out there in politics, in public office.

The question now is what do you replace it with?

Do you jump back into the game -- does he have a career in consulting?

It depends on what type of consulting he wants to do.

That is what is so great about being in america.

I think we will see both spitzer and weiner coming back for another shot.

Mike, thanks for joining us.

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