Starbuck’s Non-Coffee Items Spur Growth

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April 25 (Bloomberg) -- Julie Hyman reports on Microsoft and Starbuck’s earnings on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Report since taking over as ceo.

What is his grade for his first attempt?

You would give him a the and deliberately because it is dell early days for his leadership.

He has made a lot of management changes below him he is also reemphasized a push toward the cloud of and that does seem to be paying off.

Sales were little changed and matched estimates and investors seemed pretty pleased on the whole with the numbers that came out.

He is reemphasizing the move to the cloud, we saw the productivity -- sales from office 365 which is the cloud-based subscription version of office actually more than double in the quarter.

That is reflective of demand for this and other cloud-based program.

Xbox sales also helped lead themselves to the results that we saw in the quarter.

Cloud and some of the other initiatives also working pretty well.

They were working pretty well preen a dialect of and now they're pushing for the same kind of track.

What is going on at starbucks?

We have been reporting on this in recent months of a new breakfast sandwich is a push toward tea, there is a new tivo on a store here in new york that starbucks lands to expand the on that.

There are juices being offered, all of that contributing to a comparable sales gain of six percent.

That is what we saw globally which was a little bit better than had been estimated.

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