Morgan Spurlock on One Direction, Bad Eating Habits

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Sept. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock discusses a nutrition app spawned by the Oscar nominated documentary "Super Size Me." He speaks with Jon Erlichman on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)

Give us the back story to what led to the creation of the "super size me" app.

I cannot tell you on the table to the movie affected them and their, and it was a conversation i was having with a friend where we said there should be one place where you can go and get all of the end -- nutrition information of these restaurants.

He said, why do you not do that?

And i said we should.

We tied them with the movie "supersize me," and we launch the app.

It is amazing.

Do you think the movie would be different if we live in a world where there was all sorts of apps, smart watches i could tell you the calorie count, nike field isn't all that stuff?

Sadly, no, i do not think it would make a difference at all.

We are a nation and a world people who continually make bad eating choices.

If we continue to arm people with information, maybe we can chip away a little bit.

Speaking of technology, you were an early adopter of the new platforms were getting your product out.

Hulu, you worked with yahoo!

As well.

Has there been a bit of a competitive advantage if you will by partnering with some of those players early on?

Up with us in a position of understanding how that marketplace works a lot better than other people, i think.

You are dealing with smaller budgets, tighter production times, you have a lot more creative freedom.

I think it has enabled us to adapt a lot quicker.

The last time we spoke, you highlighted they be tighter budgets, but larger ownership, is that still the case?

Absolutely can we're doing a show right now with yahoo!

That just launched called "losing it with john say most," where celebrities come on a talk to john about their first magical sexual experience, and the beautiful thing about that show, we own half of it.

John and i co-own a show with yahoo!

Really quickly, the one direction documentary that you did, a huge hit at the box office, i am sure at the beginning some people said morgan, what are you doing, do you feel validated giving the success of that film?

I think a lot of it were questioning why did i want to make a movie about the biggest women in the world, and you to make a movie and 30 with a sturdy that a studio that has now grown on -- gone on to gross $60 million worldwide.

Nothing people are questioning that anymore.

All right, morgan spurlock, the man behind many projects,

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