Sprint’s Dropped T-Mobile Bid Adds Options: Ergen

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Aug. 7 (Bloomberg) -- Dish Network Chairman Charlie Ergen said Sprint’s decision to drop its bid for T-Mobile US has opened up more options for his satellite-TV carrier as it looks for ways to expand into the wireless business. Alex Sherman reports on “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Who has been following this story closely.

Charlie ergen has said before that if sprint is not an play we may be interested.

That is right, so this is not new in the sense of his interest.

What is new is that as spring has pulled out back in may, charlie said we would like to buy t-mobile, but there is no way we can compete with the finance of softbank.

We are not going to get into a bidding war with my fac½ade.

That already happened once when dish try to buy it eventually.

Charlie may be learned his lesson there and said we are not going to do that again there.

Now with sprint out of the picture, dish is the largest -- most larger goal -- is the most logical company to buy it.

It makes more sense probably for dish to own at least the majority of the control of t-mobile.

There is more synergy, both of these countries being in the same country.

And dish has a grand plan for mobile.

If you look at charlie ergen, he thinks the future of his company is in mobile distribution.

Chances are he will want a lot of control on how the global network those forward.

But he seemed to say also that nothing was going to happen until after november, right?

Correct, after the spectrum option.


The government options off the spectrum, at&t, verizon, dish, sprint -- they are all likely to participate in some fashion because they all need more spectrum going forward.

That is how you keep your network fast.

The question of front of charlie is, does he want to own t-mobile or do a partnership with sprint?

He spoke very highly of sprint and their new ceo, so there is a potential of doing some kind of hosting agreement with sprint there.

If you read between the lines, he likes the sprint network better than t-mobile.

That would make sense since he tried to buy sprint two years ago.

We had the ceo of liberty media on yesterday.

He has been talking about, yes, there will be more consolidation among cable operators.

He agreed that, look, comcast, people have to get approved before we start seeing more of this in the pipeline.

I think a lot of people are watching the outcome of that, but i think there will still be be the potential.

That is an overarching issue.

The deal is so much bigger than anything else that will get the.

All others pale in comparison.

Do you think one set of deals approved regulators, that we will see more mergers and acquisitions here?

I think we will see them particularly in the space that greg is hinting at, which is cable distribution.

Liberty took a 27% stake in charter, and john malone was upfront in saying he wanted to make charter into this horizontal acquisition machine.

They are targeting time warner cable, and comcast came up on the and and sold them to charter on a conditional deal on the backend.

Greg is suggesting that after that deal is approved, all the other smaller cable operators -- they might start rolling up into a larger charter.

That is the speculation.

That charter will go one by one and picked off the seventh, eighth, the ninth, the 10th largest cable operator in the u.s. he's probably right from its content standpoint that a lot of these companies like scripps or amc or stars probably will get -- maybe the wait until regulatory approval until the bigger deals, but i would have said that before fox made its

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