Spray Tan Takes Lead Role in Oscar Prep

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Feb. 28 (Bloomberg) -- Gotham Glow Owner and CEO Tamar Vezirian discusses spray tanning for the Oscars on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance." (Source: Bloomberg)

Award shows.

And we have the owner and ceo of -- glow.

Kimberly we got you in here because you must be really bitter -- can't believe we've got you in here because you must be really busy.

We are ready tanned them because you want to do it a few days before hand.

A staff of technicians working every 15 minutes.

Their house or apartment and wherever they request.

We also have an office but we do most celebrities at their homes.

Where is the craziest place you spray tans someone?

Restaurant bathrooms -- in the stall?


That's crazy.

Got to do what you got to do.

What happens when they come in and hear the spray gun?

I am six minutes in and out.

How long does the torture take?

Six minutes.

And you can make me beautiful and six minutes?

-- in six minutes?

Demanded a lot of spray tans?

It has gone a lot.

Ceos who don't have time to go on vacation, they have to look good on camera or whatever, they just come.

Why is it the tan is somehow healthy as opposed to fair skinned and well preserved?

I'm serious.

A lot of fair skinned people cannot tan, and they turn bright red.

Our solution looks good on all skin tones.

, you did not spray tan matthew mcconaughey became out of the golden globe awards looking orange and john boehner is known to look orange on camera.

Christine lagarde has gotten more and more tan.

She is seriously orange.

Looks like a tangerine.

What happened?

Tans show up a lot more on camera so in real life they might look natural but then on the camera complete orange.

Is it way too much?

They definitely got a little too much spray tan.

You have to go light, and the solution, too.

What does it feel like?

Getting it done?

What is it sticky?

It is like a fine mist, a little bit cold.

But it is very easy.

Six minutes of your life.

Away from speaker boehner, we go to the important question, we ask frank keating, do republicans tan?

Not well.

[laughter] we are inside working on the time.

Can get mitt romney to a spray tan.

The fact we are talking about republicans and spray tanning is amazing.

There has been a cultural shift.

10 or 20 years ago no one would admit to a fake tan but now it is out in the open.

You are saying wall street, politicians get spray tanned along with the celebrities.

What accounts for this?

Like getting your nails done or your hair, it is part of the whole beauty process especially for the oscars and the whole awards season.

I just don't think it is taboo anymore.

Who doesn't best?

Who do you look to?

As far as celebrity -- celebrity -- have it all together.

Lets the, oscar nominees, i would say julia roberts looks great.

It takes a village.

It really does.

Scarlett johansson looks really

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