Spotify to Tap New Asia Markets

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Spotify is trying to break into Asian markets as it races against Pandora to expand globally. Andy Fixmer reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West." (Source: Bloomberg)


How is it that spotify is able to expand so much more quickly than pandora?

Spotify negotiates directly with the music labels.

This is dominated by three global record companies.

Because they have the direct deals with these record companies, they can get international rights much more quickly than pandora am a which relies on collections agencies to get its rights for music.

So, pandora has a lot more users, but how big a threat is this to be thinking about the future?

Pandora has been limited in its international reach because of how it gets his music rights.

Pandora is only operating in the u.s. and in australia and new zealand, where the artist rights groups are committing it to operate.

They would like to expand into europe, the uk am a but they have not been able to do that.

They have been quite limited.

They will continue to be limited until they can reach those agreements.

Others where we have rhapsody, they have been able to grow their business and set up because they have these direct relations with the music industry.

So, spotify is operating in hong kong, singapore, and malaysia.

What other countries are they looking at and what does this mean with the rollout of itunes radio expected later this year?

Well, they are targeting japan.

They have wanted to open up in tokyo for a wild.

They have been working through the issues.

It is very complicated.

I talked to -- about that.

You can look for that to happen.

I think he was saying this year was the target.

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