Sports Teams Light It Up to Save Cash

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Aug. 1 (Bloomberg) -- Mike Lorenz, president of Ephesus Lighting, discusses the benefits of LED lighting with Cory Johnson on "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

Money any way they can.

One way is energy efficiency.

Our next guest is installing led lighting for the ottawa center.

This is an exciting business.

We were here a year ago with a vision and belief and year later we have installed 20 arenas around north america and almost a million fans see sports under different type of lighting and have gotten great reviews on the technology.

The transformation from bold lighting to digital lighting.

Explain the name.

This is rooted in a town in turkey that was known for its forward thinking culture and innovation and we thought it was appropriate to name our company after the same.

Bulbs, this is kind of a mission for me to find better color, better control, just the right light, almost all of the market stinks.

The lights in the arena are particularly needed for photography and everything else.

The actual light, it is a misnomer.

The bulbs in your house are retrofitted with a diode which is basically the chip that admits the light.

In a commercial setting, we have digital lighting, we have a completely different technology base so bulbs are no longer necessary.

The diode that creates the light lasts longer, you can adjust the color temperature, you can make the light perform.

The lighting characteristics are much more compatible with digital broadcasting, player performance.

There is a variety of attributes to solid-state lighting that is transforming both technologies.

We have had light bulbs in america for 135 years.

For the first time we have digital lighting that is being used for sports venues.

It is fairly amazing.

Our directors here in new york can actually control the lighting instantaneously to get the color and the feel that they like.

Is that the kind of thing that will happen in an arena when you're playing hockey?


The broadcast ability is far and away much much superior to what you see now with the bold lighting and you can control the light in a variety of capacities.

You can't control the color temperature, the intensity, you can control the light to make it perform.

It is much more intelligent and we are scratching the surface of what is possible.

We think that that is exciting

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