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Feb. 14 (Bloomberg) –- On today’s “The Roundup,” Trish Regan, Julie Hyman, Alix Steel and Cristina Alesci wrap up the day’s top market stories on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We're tracking ahead of tuesday.

Cristina alesci joining us.

There is a deal to talk about.

Joseph a bank announced it will buy eddie bauer.

Eddie bauer is owned by private equity firm golden gate capital.

In the context of this four-month fight between joseph a. bank and men's wearhouse.

The critics of the deal have said that bank is trying to get bigger to defend itself from a hostile bid from men's wearhouse, and that it is not a good deal for the company because it doesn't make any sense.

There is no synergy between eddie bauer and bank.

On the other hand, the bank side is trying to defend itself.

What does men's wearhouse do now?

That is a good question.

A lot analysts say that this puts men's wearhouse up against the wall, and potentially presses them to make a higher offer than they made before.

Maybe bank is doing the right thing by toying around with the steal freddie bauer.

-- for this deal for eddie bauer.

Most of the people i talked about that men's wearhouse was in his longer competitive position, that management-wise they were stronger.

Market position-wise they were stronger.

In terms of market position and balance sheet they did not need to go out and raise additional capital.

Bank started this fight, it went hostile on men's wearhouse.

And men's wearhouse is a much bigger company.

The bank side had to go out and raise money from golden gate capital and others.

So much hate.

You know what, the spin that comes with it is amazing.

Each side is trying to sell itself on this deal.

It will be interesting, but it is not the last story.

You have been busy.

Back in january, room number under armour's ceo said he hoped speedskating suits would be the key to u.s. olympic success.

We built this suit specifically for sochi.

We are predicting, wishing, hopeful that a lot more medals will come from this.

These guys are the best in the world.

They understand making athletes better.

That is the formula we will use across all our product categories.

But you know what, the gold medals didn't happen.

Now the company has come under scrutiny after no american finished better than seventh place in the speedskating events held last night.

The latest news according to the "wall street journal" is that the team has asked olympic and skating officials for the option to switch out the suits.

To be fair, the other suits would be under armour anyway.

They would be older suits.

Earlier today kevin joined bloomberg tv and denied reports that under armour apparel is slowing down raiders -- skaters.

Listen to this.

When you are not performing, you look at everything.

From the training to the gear to the states -- skates to the pillows he slept on the night before.

It is all very fair.

This is our business.

We believe we have incredible prospects.

A bit of a head.

-- hit.

But are people not going to buy under armour because of the speed skaters?

The stock took a hit today.

But here's the thing.

The skate coach came out and said it was not because of it.

The athletes say, we just didn't do our part.

The stock took a hit, but is still up 117%. up 35% last quarter.

Time after time -- but think of how great it would be if they had won.

It was a missed opportunity.

But this is not the only sport they are outfitting.

Did the dutch have under armour?

They were supposedly trying suits that were similar to the ones u.s. athletes wore.

To that point also, we are not talking about the gold medalists and what they were wearing.

It doesn't seem to work to the positive.

It only seems like we are talking about it because -- this is a company that is so much about the technology, the fabric.

They make a big deal about it.

There was -- they were supposed to be fast.

It would give them a huge advantage.

There was all this buildup and it didn't wind up working out.

Sometimes you just do a bad job.

You just don't play well.

It's an interesting lesson in marketing.

Perhaps under armour would have been better to not have said, we have these suits and they will really help people when -- win.

Maybe they could have taken a step back and if they won, then take your did -- victory lap.

When you try to take it ahead of time it sets up a negative environment.

Staying with the olympics, russian president vladimir putin dropped in on the u.s. olympic committee headquarters today.

We had a big delegation from the u.s. the head of the olympic committee actually never came out during putin's visit.

Russian security cap debt for hours before his -- camped out for hours before his arrival.

His drink of choice was apparently red wine.

They gave him a silver nike jacket that u.s. athletes wear on the podium.

For all the -- for all that they are making about the conditions in sochi, this has been a boon for his ratings inside the country, domestically.

But he also has control of the pr.

They will do what he wants them to do.

That circle in the opening ceremony, when that did not work, russian tv didn't see that.

But inside the country, people feel very good about the fact that the country is winning medals.

That there is a national pride in russia, winning medals.

Skating, that is their thing.

Figure skating.

That apparently will translate into a better feeling about food and -- putin.

Will he smile?

I don't think he ever smiles.

The picture of him where the female protester is flashing.

Then he smiles.

[laughter] what could be a more perfect segue?

The day -- "sports illustrated", the swimsuit cover is here.

The 50th anniversary edition, seen by some 70 million readers.

It was unveiled on abc's late-night talk show "jimmy kimmel live." a lot of video from the shoots.

Kate upton's outfit last year.

Wasn't that -- that cover doesn't generate the same controversy as barbie?

We hold barbie to a higher standard.

We take issue with every other doll on the market right now.

What about the princess dolls, american girl, what message does that send?

Are these figurines, is that creating an inspiring character for women?

The airbrushing we just saw on the cover.

A little defense of the cover, those women are not waifs.

Look at these women.

They have some junk in the trunk.

Are you kidding?

It's not "junk," but not emaciated.

You are right.

Kate upton is not a thin woman.

Who is on the cover this year?

I have no idea.

We don't know their names.

Well, we are going to move on.

What does congress think of

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