Spiders Force Mazda Recall... Again

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April 7 (Bloomberg) -- Matt Miller reports on a spider induced recall and GM’s plan to start fixing recalled cars. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Washington as mary barra testified before congress.

These fixes, how much will they repair the reputation?

It will be a long, uphill battle but mary barra seems ready to fight this.

Use all congressmen and women holding up the faulty ignition switches as political props during the testimony.

Those are arriving at dealers today.

General motors is going to start sending letters to owners of these cars, 2.5 9 million postop time to start bringing your cars in.

The important part is going to be the time that the customer gets to spend with the dealer.

Gm is hoping that that time, it takes about 45 minutes to fix one of these, and that time the dealer is going to be able to talk to the customer.

Maybe help repair the image and restore some of that trust.

The job the dealer does on a car is going to go a long way towards that.

Towards their feelings.

You are going to sit there and talk to the guy and say i cannot believe it, i felt scared.

The dealer is going to say it was not that bad, don't worry.

They hope to have them all done by october.

It will take a long time.


A good chance to get some points back.

What is this about a recall at mazda?

Mazda has recalled about 40,000 miles of 6's because of spiders.


Yellow sac spider'ss climb into the fuel line and weave webs.


They are attracted to the carbon gasoline scent.


They weave a web, that limits the air that can come out.

Mazda is working on fixes.

I don't care about the air, i

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