South Korea President Visits Ferry Site

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April 17 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Television's “Lunch Money” Host Matt Miller reports on today’s top news headlines. (Source: Bloomberg)

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You name it, where they.

I'm matt miller.

Today's moving pictures, where the video is the story.

Rough waters are slowing the search for survivors of the south korean very crash.

At 149 people were saved yesterday.

It nine are confirmed dead.

There are still more than 280 missing.

South korean president visited the site of the debt d disaster.

The ship's captain and crew are under investigation.

Next up is the indian ocean where the submarine completed its first full mission in search of the missing flight 370. the summaries first two attempts were cut short due to technical problems.

It third time was a charm as the vessel combed through 35 square miles of ocean floor.

In the area have to size of brooklyn.

At that data is now being analyzed.

In savanna, a story about the time when the horse ran away with the cart and the family still inside.

The noble steed got spooked, leading.

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