SoundCloud Now ‘Splices’ With Instagram: Wahlforss

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Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) -- Eric Wahlforss, Founder of SoundCloud, discusses new integration with Instagram and the technology sector in Europe as a whole. He appears on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Are really starting out, the first year or so come you need to put your company on the map.

That is when these conferences are really essential.

Over the years, we have had more and more people from our company speaking at this conference.

It is quite an important network.

You made an announcement yesterday.

You are teaming up with instagram.

You met the founder at one of these events.

I actually did.

He actually introduced me to kevin back in paris two years ago.

That is when i met him the first time.

I was really small back then.

Yesterday, we announced that we integrate with them now.

If you share a song on sound cloud, you can take your instagram feed and splice them together to post instagram images with your sound.

We are here in dublin.

It is vying to be the technology hub of europe.

You're based in berlin.

Where is the hub for technology?

I think europe is pretty fragmented.

Berlin has been really exciting.

We moved there back in 2007. there wasn't that much going on.

Now, there is a ton of interesting startups.

We have bigger companies, research gate and others popping up.

It is a really great scene in berlin.

It is a kind of creative melting pot between punk, art, a little bit punk in berlin.

Every european city has its own character.

In stockholm, it is more of an established city.

It is more swedish culture.

Can any of them ever really rival silicon valley?

Is the talent, the money, the funds here?

I think the valley has increasingly turned its eye toward europe.

In berlin, we see investors coming by every week.

There is a good flow of people coming in.

I don't think the money is really a huge problem.

It used to be a couple years back.

Now, it is changing.

It is pretty good climate.

Tell me, what is next for sound cloud?

You have a quarter of a billion unique users.

What is your next aim?

International group?

Our sixth anniversary is coming up.

We spent the first five years of the business building up this really unique creative community.

We have over 12 hours of audio being posted every single minute.

We reached a quarter of a billion people.

The next five years, it is going to be about helping creators to build bigger audiences.

It is really about the listeners, creating a great listener experience, allowing listeners to create connections.

Eric, it has been wonderful speaking to you.

Cofounder of sound cloud, eric wahlforss.

A five-year plan ahead and to keep expanding and hopefully networking of it here as well.

Back to you.

Thanks, carolyn.

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