Sorrell: Comcast-TWC Face Heavy Regulatory Scrutiny

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Feb. 13 (Bloomberg) - Martin Sorrell, CEO at WPP, discusses consolidation in the cable industry and what the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal faces in a regulatory challenge on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Your industry is in the dynamic stage right now.

Everyone trying to capture cash flow.

Is there too much of the consolidation of the cable company in america?

I think that is a reflection of what might happen.

There was a very interesting article recently on netflix and the future of television or future of the networks.

I think this is just a reflection of concern in the table industry about the ability for someone some time to deliver television programming for free.

Within your perspective and linking it to the different media, should washington pushed back?

My view on regulation is the less, the better.

I think the answer is there will be heavy regulatory scrutiny.

I think that is a big issue.

I think that is why they have indicated that some assets will be disposed of.

If you look at the coming together of these companies, and it is not official, but if you look just the cable, they would demand three quarters of the market.

If you look at direct tv and others, it is only a third.

Which becomes more relevant?

I think it is the big excerpt.

The regulator may take a very different view.

How the regulators or the ftc or fcc look at it in terms of market segmentation is a critical issue.

The point you raise is critical.

From our point of view and clients, it is the whole range of things.

They are becoming increasingly interchangeable.

Sir martin with us on the transaction.

Not announced the looking for it sometime today.

Twitter question of the day, which is more frustrating your cable service provider, airlines or washington, d.c.? that is easy.

Adding to company news starting with the new set top box on the way.

The company is talking to time warner cable and other providers to add digital content.

Apple hopes to introduce the device by april and have it ready to sell by the holidays.

Warren buffett looking to end a long-term investment.

It talks to end his $1 billion stake in graham holdings.

The change comes after they sold

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