Sony’s `Hairbrained’ Innovation

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Nov. 29 (Bloomberg) –- The folks at Sony put their heads together to come up with the perfect innovation to compete with Apple and Samsung. Bloomberg’s Willie Pesek reports on Sony’s new “smartwig.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Ways to defeat apple and samsung.

We have to ask you.

A patent for a smart wig?

What on earth were they thinking?

First, i have to shave my head to even figure this out to try one on.

We have no idea what it will look like.

I first saw the story, i thought i was reading something on the onion, the satirical website am a but to no avail.

I'm not sure what they are thinking.

Just because your gizmo people come up with a smart wig, something that allows you to take photographs from your head, use a gps system, something that allows you to pull your head and change slides during a powerpoint presentation, they don't have to admit that such exists.

For sony, this is a bit of an embarrassment at least from my standpoint.

What does this tell us about what's going on internally in the company?

With bizarre.

It is.

They already began speculating that this is their answer to things like google glasses or to the apple and samsung smart watches.

If that's the case, it's a bit scary.

We know sony is an incredibly innovative company.

They give us the trinitron television and the sony walkman.

Now it is just days -- just a shell of itself.

We want sony to come up with something that makes us say -- this changes the world.

What do they come out with?

A smart wig.

Their mindset does not quite get it at this point.

They do not realize the extent to which samsung and apple have passed to them by.

They have to surprise us.

A smart wig?

That's a big surprise.

We are surprised.

Just not in a good way.

In all the wrong ways.

Tim cook slamming google glasses saying, what's up with that?

How can sony remain relevant or even get their?

Google glasses are a bit creepy.

Think about being at in or with a friend and everything you say and do is photographed and everything is recorded.

After you drink some wine, that's problematic.

Sony's issue is that they are no longer an electronics company.

They have lost their franchise.

They have content, movies, music.

Focus on that.

When he talks about how sony should sell off some of their entertainment businesses, he he's wrong.

It's a waste of time to think that sony can make televisions and clock radios.

They make all of their money from insurance, asset sales, and banking.

It's not an electronics company anymore and i don't know why we just don't wake up and admitted.

It could be quite useful in the terms talking about.

They like to piece things together again.

This is a question coming from a woman.

How do you wash that wig?

You brush, put some hairspray in it.

How will this affect all of the technical gadgetry?

Think about the marketing slogan.

This is so cool, you want to be bald.

Will it come with a black care polish?

A lot of politicians here and in china they are 70 years old and they don't have a single gray

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