Sony Earnings: What to Look Out For

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July 28 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg Intelligence’s Jitendra Waral Previews Sony Earnings and what we can expect from the company as they get set to release the numbers on Thursday. He speaks to Rishaad Salamat on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


Earnings from the automakers and technology companies.

We have sony out on thursday.

Tehch analyst.

Sony has had a rough past 12 months.

That had a rust -- and that had a rough half a decade.

What will we look at?

We have seen a couple of downgrades.

They have not been able to adequately perform.

A lot of folks will be on the bottom line.

How are they doing on restructuring?

Dos subsidy rate -- the subsidiary plan.

They will sell off television.

A plan to separate out and make a automated so you can manage profitability over there.

That will be the big focus.

They are focusing on 60 million units.

It is very aggressive in general.

This quarter will be key.

There are marketing push was in the midst -- was immense.

Maniacal performance.

Tell me about 4k and how it relates to tv.

How many tv sets were sold during the world cup?

4k is the resolution of the tv.

Higher resolution and better picture quality.

Similar transition to the past.

4 times the resolution of hd, so you can see things more clearly.

You can see it clearly.

Tv makers want to get a way to get consumers to go into the shop and upgrade.

They want to go in and buy a bigger tv.

They want to pitch this high-quality, high-resolution display.

There is no content.

Netflix is pushing.

This is ultra high def.

Tv business has not been doing well.

We have pierce 4. it has been a success story.

So far they have been leading xbox by a good margin.

If you look at the cumulative sales, xbox is still a 50 million.

If you look at the last generation of ps3, 65 million people.

We are far from this war being over.

What'll make a difference is the pricing strategy and that is what happened -- and that is what has helped sony in the upcoming quarter.

This war is far from over.

What a race in hungary.

It was the best race.

[indiscernible] yeah, yeah.

A lot of weather changes.

I loved it in the end.


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