'Something Big' Coming From Apple: Ex CEO Sculley

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Jan. 15 (Bloomberg) –- Pivot Acquisition Corp. Chairman and Former Apple CEO John Sculley discusses Apple products and how he thinks that we will see a wild product in 2014. He speaks to Emily Chang and Stephanie Ruhle on Bloomberg Television’s “Street Smart.” (Source: Bloomberg)

We have been talking about google buying a digital thermostat maker.

It has bought a dozen or so robotics companies.

The last new product they introduced was the ipad many -- the ipad mini, which is just a small version of the ipad.

Is apple feeling the pressure to come out with some new products?

Are they looking a little behind?

They don't feel like innovators.

Well, i think you have to look at are they doing what they want to do?

Apple has always been a company that says we sell to the people who love us during anytime you introduce a new apple product, the installed base of apple owners will go out and buy it.

And apple can stay up at that high because people love the experience.

Apple is about great experiences.

So, no, i don't see a big innovative product since tim cook has been ceo.

That even when steve jobs was ceo, a new product only came out every six years.

When will the next one come out -- come out?

Tim cook has set the expectation that went 14 will be a big air.

Will it be the tv?

Will it be the watch?

Would be something else?

He has set the expectation that something big is coming.

What about a product that

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