Solar Dreams Realized With 'Across America' Flight

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July 10 (Bloomberg) -- Solar Impulse's Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg discuss flying a solar powered plane across America with Pimm Fox on Bloomberg Television's "Taking Stock." (Source: Bloomberg)

They have just completed their flight and landed.

You begin the trip where?

San franciso.

They were beautiful images of the bay, the golden bay, and we knew that the end was new york, with other iconic images.

You take off from moffett airfield south of san francisco.

Andre, what did it feel like they were starting to go east?

You can climb to 30,000 feet and at the same time charger batteries fully.

You can land and give energy to the grid at night or you can fly through the night.

Bertrand, is there a particular reason why your itinerary took you down to arizona and across the united states?

We did a lot of studies with our weather team to see where it would be optimal.

That is what we found.

Renault in advance what will happen.

It is a pioneering endeavor -- we did not know in advance what would happen.

What were some of the things that happened that you did not expect?

Did you run into severe weather?

We did.

When we landed in dallas, the wind intensity, the wind speed was the same as the maximum force on the airplane.

We could only keep the nose toward the wind.

Oh wait, what would have been blown away from the airport and not able to land.

Instead of taking the traffic pattern, we had a translation of the aircraft, like a helicopter or, to move it to the threshold to be able to land.

That was something completely new.

How fast does the solar impulse plane go?

45 miles an hour, not very fast if you think of the distance to travel, but our goal is to have it fly as long as we can.

The goal is the duration.

To have this airplane in the middle of perpetual flight.

The sun low to the battery the day, fly at night hummer reached the nexon client -- like at

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