SoftBank’s Son Vows ‘Price War’ on T-Mobile Deal

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March 11 (Bloomberg) -- SoftBank President Masayoshi Son will start a “massive price war” if U.S. regulators allow his Sprint to purchase T-Mobile. Alex Sherman reports on Bloomberg Television's “In The Loop.” (Source: Bloomberg)

To revamp our u.s. telecom system?

Make no mistake about what this really is.

This may come across as leave the u.s. behind and need to improve, the whole country will.

He has a very personal agenda.

He wants to merge sprint and t-mobile.

He feels the best way for sprint shareholders to get a better return on their investment is competing with at&t and verizon.

He spoke with charlie rose and spoke about competing with cable companies, having wireless be more of a cable competitor come as well as out home.

It is all just window dressing for the fact that he wants regulators to be allow him to merge the companies.

How is he being received so far?

Not very well.

He has spoken to regulators for months on the trying to pick the message.

Two different messages really.

The first one was, we should not look at the wireless market as four players but as three players, at&t, verizon, and a third competitor, because that is the only way we can disrupt the doo-wop believe.

That message failed so he is trying a second play, which is we should not look at this as the wireless market but at the broad demand -- broadband market.

We are also competing against comcast and what was time warner cable.

Theoretically what could be a satellite company.

If you look at it that way, maybe the market is bigger and regulators are ok with the merger.

Lex he said three heavyweight fight.

I would like to have the real fight.

Not the pseudo fight, the real fight.

If i cannot have a real fight, by a massive price war -- that is your pattern.

You undersell everybody.


You are willing to postpone profits in order to gain market share?


I want to be number one.

This is what you were talking about, three-day competitors.

He wants to wage a price war.

How will that go over?

That can be looked at two different ways.

Regulators may say great, we merge the companies together.

Now they can really put pressure on at&t and consumers will when.

The problem with that is t-mobile not in softbank control right now and have sort of done that and starting to do inventive things.

Lowering the price and getting rid of termination fees and starting to pick up customers from sprint.

That is the problem, t-mobile has play the version of maverick and once to put the companies together and become a so-called super maverick and really put pressure on at&t and verizon.

How does t-mobile feel about all of this?

Hard to say.

Deutsche telekom ceo has come out to say we are leaving the tea leaves and do not think the deal will get done anytime soon.

He has talked to deutsche telekom since he acquired sprint last year about merging the companies so there is clearly interest.

Deutsche telekom agreed with the deal.

Theoretically, i think deutsche telekom wants a deal but maybe they might be more realistic saying we do not think the time is right right now or he is such a headstrong guy, he wants to push ahead and do this and force of will will get us through in so far seems like he is losing that fight.

Thank you.

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