Softbank’s Son Vows Massive Price War

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March 11 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Caroline Hyde reports on Softbank President Masayoshi Son vowing he will start a massive price war if U.S. regulators allow his Sprint Corp. to purchase T-Mobile. She speaks to Mark Barton and Anna Edwards on Bloomberg Television’s “Countdown.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Speaking with charlie rose and caroline hyde joins other now.

He is on a charm offensive.

He certainly is.

He is expecting a massive price a war.

Those are his words.

He bought on sprint the last year.

You really want to get his hand only for the biggest which is t-mobile in the united states.

He is trying to ease the fears of competitors saying, if you let me bring together the third and fourth biggest players, instead of reducing competition, it would increase.

I do, so much stronger that i can lower the price warmth and tackle what many feel is a basic monopoly.

At&t and verizon.

T-mobile u.s. is worth $3 billion.

He is meeting market layers of for lunch as well trying to convince them.

The cable marked as well.

That is what it comes into play.

Actually t-mobile on its own has injected competition in the u.s. market.

It is good.

They have helped offer upgrades.

Many of the other players, at&t and sprint, they're having to up their game.

There's another tactic.

He could say let me upgrade infrastructure and improve the broadband in the united states and i would help improve the competition in terms of internet and of the home.

Is a two-way battle between landline provider and your cable tv provider.

The likes of comcast.

Comcast just bought to the likes of one particular company and testing reduce overall competition and they been buying up other players.

With time warner owing to the likes of comcast, they want more competition.

Maybe that is where he could be playing it.

Looking to meet with regulators and potential investors and lining up not only to bring a price war when it comes to your phone but also inject competition into internet in your home as well.

He will be trying to replicate.

Amazing -- in 2006 when he bought vodafone.

Exactly every naked softbank.

Many how familiar clarity with the brand.

Double the internet users.

The market value of softbank has watch report.

This same man who knows how to inject competition and grow a company.

He is try to tip of the u.s. unsurprisingly because he has the most amount of internet broadband users in the world.

Comcast/time warner cable.

They're at the end.

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