Softbank CEO Approaches 6 Banks for T-Mobile Deal

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Dec. 20 (Bloomberg) –- Bloomberg’s Alex Sherman and Cory Johnson reports on Softbank CEO searching for $20B to finance a bid for T-Mobile on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

To people familiar.

He is turning to banks like goldman sachs.

Many of the institution that help softback -- subbing purchase sprint.

-- softbank purchase sprint.

We have spoken to the ceo of t- mobile many times.

I tweeted him today.

Deutsche telekom has not held any meetings.

They are holding the t-mobile stake.

People who know who it is.

Al sherman was done fantastic report.

Tell us what you have learned.

We know who the banks are.

We reported 10 days ago that they had heard some vague rumors that softbank was interested in restarting the talks which have been going on for a year or two years.

Talks to see what the regulars will going to do.

Of the more information is the banks put the first call.

He answered them and in fact, he has been trying to garner up support from all of the banks that he used to buy sprint to see if they will again finance the deal, perhaps $20 billion.

A lot of money.

$20 billion.

Not a lot of money.

The first time when at&t tried to buy it was $39 billion.

This time around t-mobile -- have done much better through the value.

It is going up again.

The question to your point is not a financing one.

The financing will be there if softbank and sprint decide to go the route.

It is so the regulation question.

Will regulars allow this to happen?

It would go from four to three.

They have said you cannot take it to three.

Have enough change in the year or year-and-a-half and a half where regulators have thought about this and instead of going from at&t and verizon and sprint?

You have two strong players and one week player.

In this scenario, you get three strong players.

A maybe.


T-mobile is gotten a lot better.

There are is a really good spectrum, it is not the built out to be one network.

You'd use the sprint spectrum.

The t-mobile is very different.

It is down to the classic argument.

If you have a weak number three and number four, at&t is stronger.

Both of those businesses at three and four are probably financial challenges.

Put them together and maybe have a better chance of shaping up the market.

A better chance is that a lot 20 billion in debt.

A fascinating story.

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