Social Media to Grow, but Not Innovate: Kedrosky

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg Contributing Editor Paul Kedrosky looks at the state of innovation in social media and where and how the industry can grow. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop.

When someone has established a dial tone, there is not a lot of reasons to get a competing dialtone.

In a sense, the dial tone is established for it is facebook and linkedin and twitter.

Nobody thinks they will make a new investment and create a new twitter.

So there is no game -changer to fund and social media?

Yes, the only stuff happening is new platforms.

If you look at things like snap cha, these things are making some inroads but are likely to get purchase by another social network.

For the most part, the opportunity for building a new social media platform are fairly limited and that's why you see issues with media moving upstream.

That is mostly where the money is going, not to creating the platforms.

In a bloomberg article, the reporters said that they found a lot of money is going into cloud companies.

They might not sound as sexy as facebook or twitter but it is the new wave and technology.

That's true.

Clouds services and those sorts of things are popular but is also robots and drones.

Consumers don't see it every day but it is usually an exciting and make a huge impact of the next few years.

Most of what is happening on the social side of things is they are moving out markets.

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