Social Media Stocks vs. S&P 500: Who's Winning?

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Oct. 31 (Bloomberg) -- On today's "Chart Attack," Pension partners Chief Investment Strategist Michael Gayed and Bloomberg's Adam Johnson look at the performance of social media stocks versus the S&P 500 on Bloomberg Television's "Street Smart." (Source: Bloomberg)

Time for chart attack.

We have wo charts that make you smarter and might make you nervous.

Michael gayed, you say actually that trend is a little bit broader if you look at social networking.

You have this love affair of a high momentum trade.

If you look at the etf relative to the s&p rice ratio, cap performing social media star, the following ratio outperforming.

It was almost in a vertical fashion.

He saw tesla and other companies doing very well.

As you have seen a cracked in that performance, given how severely -- that is a red flag.

By the way, not just social media.

That is nasty.

It is coming down fast.

Not just social media, also in small caps.

If you do the same thing, you see a similar breakdown.

The whole idea is these are the leading age of risk.

If they are starting to underperform, that suggests there is deterioration under the market surface.

That is why we get this correction.

Four percent?

There have been seven corrections over the past year.

Is that what we get?

Obviously we were entering a seasonably favorable time.

Everybody is thinking the santa claus rally is going to come.

Ice is that you will fall into the year.

Extra the stock market move has

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