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Oct 8 (Bloomberg) -- Eisneramper Chairman of Personal Wealth Advisors Tim Speiss discusses his investment ideas on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg West. (Source: Bloomberg)

Internet stocks are getting hit in particular.

What is going on as you see the landscape?

What has changed today?

It is unsettling, the imf announcement in china making comments, jack and making comments of congress.

It is just getting more and more intense.

You have the debt ceiling coming up next week.

And the runways getting awfully short.

Especially when you look at november 1. a large social security payment is coming due.

Do we see technology take the brunt of it today?

I don't think so.

I did some research before he came over.

You look at the year to date numbers and technology, hardware and equipment is up year to date 655%. software services up 20%. semiconductors and equipment is up over 22%. i do nothing can say that this is a permanent item.

I think any sector right now will have its moments.

We are showing -- its moments.

We are showing some of the intersectinternet stock today.

What do you do as an investor or as a traitor right now?

Everybody is looking at the same thing.

Nobody knows what will happen.

How do you handle it?

Our clients are long-term investors.

So they are looking at five-year time horizons and out.

When someone thinks about that, that may be easier to do because you are well diversified and you're protecting yourself from any significant volatility across the entire portfolio.

In contrast with try to capitalize moment by moment.

So our clients are not -- that is not how they invest.

Is there a particular group that you recommend more than all the others?

Not necessarily.

We believe in a very diversified portfolio.

Question thank you so much.

-- take you so much.

We will be back in 30

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