Social Media Spreading Fashion Week to the Masses

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Robert Burke, chairman & CEO at Robert Burke Associates, examines the changing face of NY fashion week and the growing importance of social media to the festivities. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

You go up to the seventh floor.

You have the doubleday's. there is the magic of vogue magazine.

Are you telling me twitter and facebook are going to destroy all of that?

It is giving more access to people as a consumer.

Going to fashion shows in the mid-1990s, there were about 80 or 100 of us.

We gave the direction.

It was like going to a dinner party and being served.

Today, it is like a buffett.

The red coats i saw in the magazine is over $4,000 -- coat i saw in the magazine is over $4,000. that is not accessible.

Think of the leather coat for 4000 or a leather purse for $400. it is about setting an image and creating an attraction.

The brands are realizing that three social media, they can connect to the consumer and like any other time that they had.

There was a runway show last season.

At the end, you could go on and order a coach and you could hit it in eight weeks.

You got it three months before the store had it.

They are all over instagram.

Michael kors was what you were looking at.

One of the most successful ipo's in several years.

The show is being live streamed.

The amount of people -- we think it will be in the millions -- will be watching their show.

Why does no one smile?

But there are some that definitely smile.

There has got to be a little attitude.

That is why you go to the model blogs.

There are a lot of models wo ho tweet.

She was kicked out of the show because she was too large in certain areas.

They are driving people to certain shows.

Everybody has a voice.

The fashion houses have been able to complete the control that image.

They realize they cannot control it.

The ones that are raise and bring those people in, the people have an opinion -- the ones that are brazen bring those people in, the people that have an opinion.

Why don't they bring in people who can buy.

I am not thinking about spring 2014. i am thinking about winter.

I use the example of being able to go on and buy something.

There is a brand where you can go on and by days after the show.

-- buy days after the show.

I do not know what he is doing right now.

How to resurrect a brand and taken to a new level like michael kors did?

Those designers are reaching a level of exposure that has never happened before.

I was at the sachs store in europe.

People are coming up and asking for the runway clothes.

Google glass making its way onto the catwalk.

They have miles and people wearing google glass.

It makes it sexy.

What is different in "the devil wears prada "? the difference today is that you can live stream every show.

You can have an opinion just like an editor and a buyer.

The retailers are reacting.

That is the big difference.

Before, it was forced said to you and the lead time was three months.

I remember having slides in a hotel room in paris.

Where's the fashion capital of the world right now?

New york city because we are growing young designers.

We are supporting them and you are seeing young talent, out of new york unlike any other place.

These stocks are moonshine.

Michael kors, stray up, a huge success.

Thank you for throwing that in there.

Some more i can do with a first look at some photographs.

A close reaction to a new monument of joseph stalin that was erected in a town 60 miles east of the georgian capital.

It is a nearly 7 ft statue that was desecrated hours after it was unveiled.

The best in show parade.

This is a three day event.

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