Soasta's Next-Gen Cloud Services for Developers

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Aug. 26 (Bloomberg) -- Soasta CEO Tom Lounibos discusses the company's next-generation cloud services for developers with Deirdre Bolton on Bloomberg Television's "Money Moves." (Source: Bloomberg)

Over and over again so you do not get back complaints or bad pr.

Target cover rising, best buy, hallmark are just a few of this next company's clients.

The theglad to have the ceo with us.

I just said to some of your clients are, but what do they want most from you?

They are not testing in the wild.

Nine of the 10 top retailers use our products.

As you said, it is all about getting the user experience right, which me-to be easy to use and it has to be fast.

What we do is stimulate the the website and mobile apps and we do analytics.

If it 10,000 orders come in within the first five minutes, will your side be able to hope -- to handle it?

We know you have just raised about $30 million.

What are you doing?


We certainly have -- currently have offices in san francisco, london, mumbai, and now shanghai.

Asia is a huge opportunity for us with 1.3 billion people all starting to move to mobile devices.

The e-commerce opportunity is very big there.

Heady expansion in asia as well as europe and continuing expansion in the u.s. i know you lead two successful technology companies to go public.

What do you see now with growing pains that may or may not get your company ready to do the same thing?

Everybody is different, right?

When we took a company public in 1999, we did in about four and a half years.

Most companies go about 89 years now.

You have a longer ramp up to get to the public event.

And you have to be very -- most companies go about eight or nine years now.

You have to go lager for a ramp up event.

And have to be very careful.

If you are a tech company right now, do you have an interest in staying private?

The growing public -- the growing public route seems to be a lot more hassle than they used to be.

The the -- i don't know about risky, but i think it is a rite of passage in some ways.

When you think about cornerstone growth, you are not building them toward being an event.

Your building and were being a dominant player either.

Our focus is on continuous innovation covers is going public or not.

This is a stand-alone company as we see it.

It we see a similar art for our company as we go forward.

Correct as far as the next generation for the cloud, this is a field that is changing every single day.

What do you see right now that is just blowing your mind?

Icloud concluding -- the cloud computing, i'm going to speak in china in a few months and it feels like 2009 for china for expansion.

There is one cloud data center in the world and now we have access to over a hundred thousand cloud servers around the world.

And the newest trend is workload depended clouds, meaning clouds like our clout could we have the largest buyout in the world for just testing mobile applications.

That is a good thing for everybody.

In other words, you're beginning to see the specialization that we have been talking about with social networks.

Now that everything has been built and is a large scale, the trend is coming back to more specific and niche.

I think so.

The train has left the station.

Cloud will be part of our world forever.

We are now optimizing it to specific workloads like h.r.,

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