Snowden: Tech Companies Should Lead on Encryption

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March 10 (Bloomberg) -- Edward Snowden, who leaked classified documents revealing the surveillance activities of the National Security Agency, said technology companies need to take a leadership role in improving encryption tools. Cory Johnson and Emily Chang report on Bloomberg Television's “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

It is really interesting to see he chose the technology community to address these.

Class an amazing moment we have a guy not welcome in the united states.

Talking with great irony about how to make the internet more secure when his experience has been sharing things with the internet.

He really took the -- put the responsibility on tech companies to think about security first when developing a product.

I want you to have a quick listen on what he said.

Qwest the nsa, try all of these, not just in the u.s.. this is a global issue.

The future of the internet.

The people in this room now, you guys are all the firefighters.

We need you to help us fix this.

Tech companies developers are the firefighters.

It is easy to make a good cause to think about the user experience.

A big part of the experience is the security.

Press this is really weird.

You have got a guy who really feels it is important to show the secrets of what our government is doing.

At the same time, he is talking about ways that makes it more death will.

He wants to have the companies protect user information from the government.

Not so much where the hackers in eastern europe or between individuals, but worried about the government to be able to see what people are doing.

He did say it is not the company should not collect data, they should collect data they need but at a certain point, they need to get rid of it and it is dangerous to have a massive store of information.

Take a listen to more of what edward snowden have to say this morning.

Qwest when we think about what has happened with nsa in the last decade, the result has been an adversarial internet, a global free fire zone.

It is not what we wanted.

It is something we need to protect against.

After that is when he brought up this point about companies and their businesses and how they should operate.

Just do not hold onto it for too long.

Take a listen to that.

It is not that he cannot select any data.

You should only collect the data and hold it for as long as never -- as necessary.

Whether google or facebook, you can do these things in a responsible way where you can still get the value you need.

Gather data use it to discard it.

The value of the data might not be relevant until much later on.

These are all new issues with these companies now where they can collect the data, keep our personalized data, or should they ask that -- abstract that and let it go.

How much say should individuals and governments have about mandating such things?

One of the most interesting parts of the discussion was when he talked about -- he'd expressed a little sympathy saying, look, a few years ago when the u.s. government started to mass surveilled people, they did not know what they would get here they were just trying something new.

At a certain point, they collected so much information they realized it was not necessarily that useful.

He claimed they do not get any use out of it.

We need to do something else or we need to not do this at all.

It was creating a storm of information in the vault that led to a potential backdoor if anyone could break into.

He makes a criticism without the metaphor same they created a lot of hate that.

The boston bombers could go ahead and do it they were going to do.

They targeted everyone instead of targeting the people who would actually do things.

We will never know about successes that have been in the dark but we can see the failure.

We saw in boston.

We will probably see it again, unfortunately, and that is the big issue here.

Qwest one of the big ironies, it was happening at google hang out.

Chris and the aclu technologist was onstage with edward snowden, who will be joining us later in the show where it i want to talk to him more about what we as average consumers can actually do it is white.

If i as a user wants to make my communications and my conversations more secure, what app and what browser should i use?

Snowden creates an awareness of the government watching what businesses are doing.

Other businesses will evolve in a way where whatsapp did, so there's nothing to search.

Qwest coming up, more of our coverage from sxsw.

The secret app, chocolate town.

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