Snowden’s Asylum Applications Spurned

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July 2 (Bloomberg) -- Edward Snowden failed in asylum bids to nations from Switzerland to India after withdrawing his request for refuge in Russia because of the demand that he stop harming U.S. interests by leaking secret documents. Hans Nichols reports on Bloomberg Television's "Bottom Line." (Source: Bloomberg)

Aided by wikileaks, godin has petitioned 20 countries for an asylum.

Many have said no already.

He just needs one yes.

Perhaps latin america.

In the rejection column, it is said an applicant needs to be in country to make the case.

Europe is becoming increasingly unlikely.

Spain and switzerland have already indicated they will not grant sanctuary.

Germany has indicated it is not likely.

South america, brazil, ecuador are also a no.

There has been no public response from china, iceland, or nicaragua.

After putin demanded snowden stopped his disclosures as a condition for asylum, snowden withdrew his russian application.

A venezuela president , who will drop off wednesday before flying back to venezuela has said on russian tv that he will not have a stowaway.

He will consider one when he returns home.

One hopeful sign for snowden, the president did not answer a specific question about whether venezuela would provide any transportation to snowden.

Then there is bolivia.

He says he is willing to enter into a discussion with snowden.

U.s. officials are keeping up pressure.

The case we are making publicly is what we are also making privately.

He is somebody who has been accused of leaking kraft fight information.

He remains a u.s. citizen.

The right places to be returned to the u.s. to be tried here.

Even the -- even among his allies, patience is running thin.

It is turning into a soap opera.

A soap opera that could end just one successful asylum application.

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