Snowden Offers to End Leaks if Russia Grants Asylum

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July 16 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg News' Hans Nichols reports that former NSA contractor Edward Snowden has offered to end his leaks of NSA information if granted asylum in Russia and recaps comments from Russian President Vladimir Putin. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Market Makers."

We need to wonder at the very least whether this means it's noted will be seeking asylum in russia.

-- whether this means snowden he will be seeking asylum in russia.

Here is what we have, we have snowden and's assurances that he will stop leaking information.

He added, according to the russian lawyer advising him.

The kremlin may want something firmer.

This is verbally, not in writing.

That seems to be a key distinction.

The application for temporary refuge, which is a simpler procedure that asking for the status of a political refugee, should happen soon.

That is, according to the russian lawyer.

Putin's comments yesterday suggested that the arrival of snowden in russia was the fault of the united states, that he was a sort of unwanted gift.

You can see the diplomatic space that he is creating for himself.

He grants him temporary refuge antilla permanent solution can be found it could give him enough time for the united agencies refugee agency to get snowed in new travel documents.

Yesterday, when putin was asked whether he knew where the former nsa systems analysts could go,

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