Snowden Has Done Disservice To Our Country: Dorgan

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July 11 (Bloomberg) -- Byron Leslie Dorgan, Former Senator and Visiting Professor at Georgetown University, discusses Edward Snowden and global cyber security. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

There are ways to ask for more oversight.

He was in a very sensitive position.

He had disclosed information that was not -- should not have been disclosed to us or our adversaries.

Did he do a disservice to americans -- they're so much information that the government can access legally.

I see this in two points -- one company is in a disservice to our country, second, it is very important that the american people push their government so that we fully understand what government is doing.

Congress has a responsibility to provide the right kind of oversight if there are things going on that we don't know about.

There is a response ability in the intelligence communities and others in congress.

It is not clear to me they have always known what is -- what has happened.

I do not view mr.

Snowden as a hero.

He may asylum somewhere, but i do not think he did the right thing for our country.

20 talk to you about the president and how he has handled the president.

You approve or disapprove?

I think so.

You think so what?

This president is trying to do a difficult job on it -- under difficult circumstances.

I served with him in a congress be an he is a friend.

It is easy to be critical.

It is much more difficult to write the right leadership.

He is trying very hard.

You write about cyber security in your book, and it deals with getting into the power grid, and it brings the power system in the u.s. it is new territory for us.

Everything is new.

It is a rainy world.

The next pearl harbor maybe cyber terrorism.

It's a case,, the last two wars we have been involved in, iraq and afghanistan, the enemy did not wear uniforms.

That was for a different.

An index work, maybe there aren't things that explode, maybe there are digital attacks which could shut down the entire electric grid system in the united state, or the distribution system for water, or our terms occasion systems.

That could happen.

A study was done, just released , they say the grid system is vulnerable and could be shut down days, weeks, or months.

If that happened, it would be devastating to this country and this economy and the american people.

So we are at risk here.

We are at risk.

Obviously i have read a novel -- had he separated from the headlines?

It is based on serious issues.

Homeland security warned our electric power producers that middle eastern hackers were try to get access to that system.

So we have to be very careful to protect our country in this circumstance could can we keep up though?

Technology is awesomely evolving.

Can we keep up, provide the right security, especially when everybody is trying to get into other people systems?

Would not have a choice.

It is a new worldview and we have got to protect our country.

Did you report on the circumstance with wrinkle oil, 135,000 of their computers, the data was annihilated, the burning american flag was left on all their screens at the image?

Our country in every country sent their experts of all what on earth happened, how the terrorists do that?

This is very real, these attacks against other countries, against corporations, and against our country and the specific infrastructure systems we need to the kind of life we need.

You have written several books, you serve in congress for a long time, what is one difficult?

The first two books were about economic issues come of these two about fiction.

Some say you have not really changed occupations, you are from politics to fiction, same thing.

He was a much for joining us.

Former north dakota senator byron dorgan.

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