Snowden Caused Enormous Security Concerns: Quelle

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Feb. 25 (Bloomberg) -- Dr. Hans-Christoph Quelle, Managing Director at Secusmart, discusses interest in mobile phone security sparked by Snowden revelations. He speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)


There is no impossible over phone lines or landline or mobile, and we have solved the issue last year with the blackberry solution.

We have interviewed our word technology -- our technology which secures phone calls.

How much have you seen an increase in interest on the back of this and the back of the nsa fallout of people hammering on your door wanting to get a piece of the technology?

We are delivering a broad especially good for government and also for enterprise customers.

It is only available on blackberry 10. blackberry has been using market share.

As you move into more enterprise space and institutions, will you go to other files or stay on android operating system or apple?


There will be other solutions we will try this year.

They are -- [indiscernible] not only blackberry.

It is a really good product for government to keep it secure.

It also secures your e-mail.

The whole aspect has been interesting.

It is very secure.

Why blackberry smart -- blackberry?

Do you use it?

Is it that much more secure?


The platform, the blackberry platform is so much more secure.

The cloud introduces our technology.

It makes it a really secure enough for the government.

Crooks is technology having to work -- is technology having to work that much harder to work with android operating system and apple?

The once we might use in our lives?

We provide two different spaces.

We have one that is open.

Everything for the politicians.

On the other side, you have an area which is highly secure.

You have the e-mail and your voice.

That is the only problem.

In an open world, access to everything, a more secure world, the government internet.

Which companies are the most interested?

Financial services?

Large corporations?

We target with this solution government.

We do not target enterprise but they come.

Nsa, those with huge spending.

They are secure indeed.

Those are the companies.

The other solution will be based on our platform.

It will be more easy to introduce.

Morphing private, individual could come to you and show their own private data.

There are individuals.

[laughter] not a lot.

Give me a sense about competition.

Are we starting to see more developers, technology coming out trying to launch?

We expect it.

It is really good.

This is due to the revelations.

People are taking care about their security of their privacy.

Activity and, you have to have it in your hand.

Wonderful speaking to you today.

Managing director.

It is going to be a theme that runs and runs.

It will be much more about privacy and technology and our falls to protect our data.

Well done.

You are having a great run for the next two days.

We will see you later.

Caroline hyde for us.

Breaking news.

On russia and the ukrainian situation.

Will the russian foreign minister speaking on state television.

Russian has no plans to intervene in the ukraine.

He said he wants the west to

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