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Aug. 2 (Bloomberg) -- Former Saturday Night Live Star Dan Aykroyd discusses his career and his involvement with Crystal Head Vodka with Adam Johnson on Bloomberg Television's "Lunch Money." (Source: Bloomberg)

Now when the phone.

-- windows phone.

Dan aykroyd has a special place here at bloomberg.

I am told that his portrayal in trading places there's a curious likeness to my own.

Not just looks, but for the love of wall street.

So when i had a chance to meet with him, it was a real treat.

He talked with trish regan and me about the 30 years since trading places hit theaters in a special places that special place it still has.

You are whacked with the ugly stick.

It is great to have you here.

This is a movie that is still watched.

I can remember at goldman sachs and they were trying to teach us about futures.

The building was gone unfortunately.

But it was a wonderful project to work on because we were in pits with the real guys and they were teaching us how to call and sell.


I saw a guy with a green traitor jacket and looked really stressed.

That guy owns one of the largest aluminum trading companies in the world.

Real guys making real money and losing real money.

I think we got infected by the agenda when and by the end of the scene we were really screaming and believing we were there.

It was a wonderful experience, just great.

I miss the world trade center.

Ice to go.

-- i used to go.

Now, we look to try and and victory is the new building rises.

We will be excited when that gets open.

30 years since the movie came out.

Did you have fun making it?

We did.

I don't know if your member -- if you remember when i ate the salmon to my beard -- through my beard?

Seems like that and working with jamie lee curtis who is like my sister in the business.

That's not the only thing around to the costs money, you sleep on the couch.

John landis is a wonderful director.

The guys who wrote that, i believe it is the only movie that they wrote that was produced and received any kind of reverence.

In terms of wide appeal.

Why do you think?

Trading places -- they were so talented and we did not improvise much.

I wonder where those guys are today.


aykroyd went on to talk about his new venture, crystal stone -- crystal skull vodka.

He also owns several wineries as well as a company that streets petrone tequila -- patron tequila.

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