Snapchat Is a Very Immature Company: Kirkpatrick

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Jan. 3 (Bloomberg) –- Gigaom Founder Om Malik and Techonomy CEO David Kirkpatrick discuss Snapchat’s non-apology over their security breach and how, they think, the company should have reacted with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

What do you think of this apology-nonapology?

I think someone needs to sit down with this young man and say you have to play the p.r. game properly.

I don't think they are going to suffer as a company very much, but they have a p.r. mess on their hands and much bigger -- they didn't expect it to be that messy.

I think they need to really rethink what they should do about the p.r. here.

First of all, they were warned, apparently this group of hackers warned snapshot that there was this vulnerability and published peoples' phone numbers online which is more difficult to change than a password.

Doesn't this warrant an apology?

I respect you, but i disagree.

I think this company is an immature company and its leaders are intoxicated with its overnight success and made a number of mistakes.

In my opinion, if they were offered $3 billion by facebook or $4 billion by google, they are idiots.

This is not the kind of technology that is a long-term network-effects business with growth opportunities.

It is a feature that somebody is going to sokol snap up and if they can be the ones to do that for somebody else, more power to them.

This whole history of this company has been fairly light, in my opinion.

My daughter, who is 21 told me she quit snapshot as a result of this and more of her friends have.

But she expects to rejoin.

My husband's phone number is online.

You want to get in on this?

I think for us, david and i, we belong to a certain age that we shouldn't be discussing our demographic group and a pmp ps.

And we have no idea how a different demographic than us is going to deal with this breach, how they're going to use it and how they feel about it.

There were a lot of things that were immature about facebook.

Forget about the fact that there was facebook run by a very young c.e.o. and finally the investors brought in some grown-up help and things got better from there.

I think snapshot is having one of their moments.

They are kids.

They are making mistakes and they are not thinking through what they're saying and there is a lot of, you know thinking and need to take a step back and say how do we address the market.

And making some one-liners and getting away with it.

Bbc is talking about and daily show is talking about.

Every company goes through some p.r. disaster.

I totally feel that, you know, we always underestimate new things.

Snapshot, we will underestimate.

You mentioned mark zuckerberg.

His first apology about privacy from 2006 and it was more contrite than i remembered and he said, we messed this one up and had to do with news feed and mini-feed and we didn't build in the proper privacy controls right away and i'm sorry for it.

I'm so excited about criticizing the notion.

News feed has become the central feature of facebook and he was apologizing for introducing it.

There is a huge irony that was his first apology.

Without newsfeed, no one would use facebook.

Do you think that we are mistakenly talking about another demographic, not knowing what the trends are going to be?

You invested in facebook and twitter, in high last conversation with him, he talked about the information and he thought that is going to be a major theme.

Why does everything we put on the internet -- i don't think the vision is anywhere near as big as the facebook vision and i don't think that many thousands of dollars will it be a $5 billion business.

But i do think -- again, slightly disagree with you -- this is a win for snapshot in many respects because they are on all of our lips because they are being talked about on "the daily show" and bbc.

And i think that's unfortunately one of the ways this world works celebrity-centric, scandal-centric media.

Just being talked about is good and more people will become aware of snapshot and it was interesting to me to see 4.3 million phone numbers were revealed and that was the majority of the users.

I had the impression that they had more users than that and i think after this, they will.

I don't think it's that important of a feature, but i think they will still do well.

Nonetheless, they should have expected $3 billion, $4 billion for the business.

Zuckerberg said a billion dollars.

Behindsight is 20-20. we don't know.

If i could look into the future and make a forecast and be right all the time, but i'm not the richest man in the world.

It's wrong to assume that this company will have no prospects.

I'm not saying no prospects but relativey fewer than facebook or google or even twitter.

2006, people had no clue.

Twitter was a joke.

I wrote that and a lot of people agreed this is a company that got no future.

They are doing $500 million in business.

What did i know?

Absolutely nothing.

We can talk about all about the future and that is the situation with snapshot.

It has a p.r. disaster.

Not on business disaster.

David, you get the last word.

I really don't think it's a p.r. disaster.

I think snapshot will come out of it fairly well.

I don't think we are going to be talking about snapshot as a major company.

But i do think they have a legitimate and probably

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