How Teens Are Changing the Way They Use Snapchat

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Aug. 27 (Bloomberg) -- Snapchat is near a round of funding at a valuation of about $10 billion from investors including venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers. Piper Jaffray Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster, Basil Founder Ryan Orbuch and NoteSnap Senior App Developer Ash Bhat discuss on “Bloomberg West.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Developer and ryan or book, the designer from boulder, colorado.

We do not really know what is going on, we have to ask teenager how it is all shaking out.

I was curious, how much are your friend still using snapchat these days?

The usage i am seeing with my friends is changing a lot.

It exploded winter break end of 2012 beginning of 2013 is where it took over my school.

What i am seeing now is a lot of kids using stories and less direct snap.

Basically a place to share photographs throughout the day and people can view them as a story rather than communicating one-on-one with another.

I think the novelty of direct one-on-one has worn off.

We really like stories for what is happening, a window into your friends right kind of thing.

Like brian said, stories are being used, you start seeing people not interacting as much.

You see it turning more into a perception app.

For example, i see a lot of my friends posting stories.

This is something i saw what facebook early on.

Then it became a consumption experience.

Something very similar is happening with snapchat.

You talk about how teenagers and young people are using it.

What is your take on snapchat users and what you see from your research?

Typically between 8000 and 10,000 students in the u.s. and in the spring surveyed the interest level went from zero to about four percent as the primary social platform.

So it is still relatively small.

We ask if it is the primary platform.

So it is the fastest-growing segment of primary usage.

There is definitely -- 100 million users right now and you could argue what cap -- whatsapp at 600 million.

What is the coolest social media platform right now?

I think snapchat, instagram and snapshot starting to take off.

In terms of coolest, it it is up there with the demographics.

I am hearing about some others, but the film -- for the most part everyone is using snapchat and instagram.

It is kind of interesting to see the shift away from where public identities to more anonymous networks such as snapchat and a couple of others like that.

You really see students getting disheartened by how much we have to put ourselves out there.

You will notice on facebook almost every post is suddenly becoming something people have to judge and the like contest.

You see a movement towards the networks that are more intimate like snapchat and others.

People are becoming more concerned about being more public.

Like snapchat does not even have a business model.

No advertising.

They do not make money that we know of.

Rex just building -- just building users.

I guess you could argue it is the bargain when you compare it to 18 billion.

The business model has not been defined.

Lacks 100 million with 600 active monthly users.

Is it really a network that you think could stomp out other top contenders ultimately?

Getting more popular or less?

Especially with the competition you mentioned.

What gene mentioned about his research make sense to me.

I am even surprised that high of a percentage.

I do not see snapchat becoming a full mode of medication.

Maybe because it is i am in the u.s., but i did not see it as competitors.

It is very much information transfer, i need to get the message out to these people.

It is much more about him person conversation and you do not need to filter as much.

Someone out there thinks it is worth $10 billion.

Thank you.

Straight from the source.

Gene munster always with us.

Really appreciate you giving us the real story on the popularity.

Less, the former chief of staff

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