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Dec. 23 (Bloomberg) -- CEO Anthony Fletcher discusses the company's snack product on Bloomberg Television's "In The Loop." (Source: Bloomberg)

Scratching our heads.

Who really is the target market?

Who will buy these snacks on a monthly basis and pay a monthly fee for this?

Lac good morning.

What we found in the u.k. is we have been one of the fastest companies.

We are selling $70 million worth of snacks now.

It starts in the office.

They were the customers who enjoyed the product first.

Healthy snacks delivered to their desk.

The snacks are waiting for them and they can eat something healthy.

Office workers.

You are targeting small businesses.


All about the relationship of us and the customers.

They can go online and order snacks.

We can deliver monthly or fortnightly as well.

You cannot buy these in the shops.

Healthy, portion controlled snacks.

Why the u.s. market now?

We have done very well in the u.k.. we have recently taken an investment from a u.s. firm, and we're both excited about coming to the u.s. to offer unique fax over here.

What about competition.

What kind of competitive advantage do you really have?

This was set up by individual to love film.

They got the backend systems working.

Spent another five years making it work here.

The back end is the logistics.

It is the way we respond to data.

We make all of our snacks.

What do you mean by that?

What will be key here in the u.s.? i could not agree more.

If someone orders a box and pay for it, they wanted to arrive.

We have a postal brain.

An application that hosts -- that calculates data.

It takes the data and works out the best route to use.

What are the rmargins like?

They are great.

We make our own food and resell it to the end customer.

That is quite unusual.

Procter & gamble has to self through a retailer.

They do not often make their own foods.

We do both.

It is speed and agility.

Online grocers is what i am thinking about.

Amazon, fresh direct.

Others who are focused on same- day delivery.

Might they become a pretty big force to be reckoned with in your business model?

's i think the consumer need is a little bit different.

What we are not trying to do is send a drone in there to respond unable in an hour.

It is a regular thing.

I looked on your website, granola, fruits, nuts.

Are you looking at expanding at all?

Doing other things.

We make the food ourselves and have the relationship with the end-user.

We are constantly analyzing what is popular and not popular and responding.

Berry interesting.

Thank you for joining us.

Anthony fletcher, ceo of gr

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