Smartwatches: Are Swiss Watchmakers Concerned?

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Oct. 22 (Bloomberg) -- Bloomberg’s Julie Cruz reports on the advent of smartwatches and reaction of the purveyors of traditional Swiss watches. She speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Smart watch?

Is not the first time people have snubbed their nose at innovation.

Not the the -- not the first time.

At habit and the 1970's with quartz.

Again at the switch watch does not seem and concerned.

Two thirds of executives said smart watch poses no threat.

-- it happened in the 1970's with quartz.

Would you buy an automatic watch you are buying a piece of art book does something that is beautiful and has a history.

-- a piece of art, something that is beautiful and has history.

At the same time, we cannot ignore samsung already has the product out and so the sony.

We have a story today citing one person familiar and seeing -- nsa htc is working on something.

-- in saying htc is working on something.

Apple could have something.

There is definitely a trend there.

As you said, it is not causing a worry at the moment.

Our users convinced by the smartphone -- our users convinced by the smartphone?

There's a general skepticism about true innovation.

And there is, yes.

We already have a smart phone and we all have -- at the moment , it is not a standalone product.

It connects with your phone.

I'll users are saying -- and users are saying it has a small screen which is a issue and an issue with the battery.

You are looking at your watch because it is beautiful and you are not looking at it because it gives you your e-mail.

Users are still quite skeptical with the product.


julie is there with us.

Thank you for that round up on the debate.

The great debate.

"the pulse" is coming up in 15 minutes.

Guy johnson will be at the helm.

What is big for you?

Ar,m? that was a great interview.

But the big question.

Is it tablet and tuesday, tech tuesday or jobs tuesday?

We probably have room for both.

We'll see what the text or bringing up.

You can see the live pictures on the bottom of your screen.

Abu dhabi, the swansong

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