Voice Command to Dominate Driving Technology: Blair

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Sept. 5 (Bloomberg) -- Brian Blair, principal and senior tech analyst at Wedge Partners and Robert Burke, chairman & CEO at Robert Burke Associates, examine the integration of smartphone technology into automobile design. They speak on Bloomberg Television's "Bloomberg Surveillance."

Apple and sirius, so much of what they do is integrating their prices with the car dashboard, isn't it?

Apple just announced 14 manufacturers that will integrate some of their operating system into the car.

So if you had an iphone, you can walk into the car and have an integrated experience.

What we are seeing in cars that jon is touching on, you will see the smartphone move from your pocket to your wrist to your car.

We are seeing wi-fi, internet, the whole computing world extended to the automobile.

We know about people tweeting and horrific car accident and such.

How does apple and, let's say, honda -- it is critical.

One of the key features, everything will be voice based so that you are not looking down at a device, so that you can keep your eyes on the road and not look at a device.

Siri is the key to all this.

Robert book -- robert burke, i was at the detroit auto show five years ago, and there is ford with the new design to eat those, which pulled the american car design forward.

What is the american designed ito's right now?

We know the american, german, feel.

It is going back to heritage.

Carmakers harkening back to a key identifiable characteristic with their cars, whether it be chrysler, dodge.

There is always going to be a connection to heritage in america, so i think that is what you are seeing with the car.

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